I switched from Nord to Nord 2, cameras felt like a downgrade via OnePlus Community App

  1. gabrielication , via OnePlus Community App , Jul 31, 2021 :
    Hi! I am a OnePlus user from OP3 in 2016, then I switched last year to the first Nord (8/128GB). I was pretty satisfied with the device but, out of curiosity, I've decided to try the Nord 2 (8/128GB).

    I know that this will make people a little bit angry but in the end I felt that the new Camera experience is a downgrade. I am not one of the people who said that Nord 1 had bad cameras. I shot incredible photos with it. Yes, I know that the main sensors in both front and rear sides are much more superior in Nord 2 but I think that the experience from the first Nord was more fun. The two front cameras from Nord 1 were so funny and so convenient to use when doing wide selfies with a lot of people or when you want to take a picture from interesting backgrounds behind you. Yes, they were inferior, but not that bad. I miss them so much. Also, I relied a lot on rear wide camera on Nord 1 shooting videos and time lapses when driving my motorbike and it was so much funny to exploit its functionalities

    On Nord 2 you have a new camera app which, from what I've understood, is ported from Color OS. It is different and, in my experience and taste, a little bit worse. But what drives me crazy are the stupid restrictions on the rear wide camera. In Nord 1 you can shoot wide videos in 1080p 30fps, in Nord 2 you are tied to 720p 30fps (what is this, 2012?). In Nord 1 you can do time lapses with the rear wide camera, in Nord 2 you can't. Color calibration on photos can go a little bit weird when mixing AI and HDR, especially on wide rear camera. I did not feel that on Nord 1.

    Videos are incredible on the Nord 2 rear main camera. Stabilisation is crazily good. Videos on the wide camera are sadly bad, a lot more bad from the Nord 1, probably caused to the aforementioned restrictions.

    Let me be clear again, main camera in both front and rear are on the contrary, a lot more superior in Nord 2. But Nord 1 had so much funny features that here are absent. In my strict personal experience of use that felt as a downgrade.

    In the end, should you upgrade? It depends on you. If you use only main cameras and don't care about wide sensors (both front and rear) then you will experience a much better experience. If you, like me, thought that double front cameras were funny, you will miss them a lot. If you, like me, relied heavily on rear wide camera for videos and time lapses, you will feel a lot delusional. I'm hoping for software updates that will fix these last issues.


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