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  1. TrevinD
    Honeycomb Aug 3, 2015

    TrevinD , Aug 3, 2015 :
    Well, I've had a lot to say about OP2 and I still do.
    I believe the OnePlus team started off overwhelmingly strong but has since made many huge marketing mistakes and continues to do so.
    About a month before release, I was super stoked for this phone, I started on this forum, I never even logged out of my account. The OP2 seemed too good to be true for someone who hasn't had the opportunity to upgrade their phone in a long time. The OnePlus team made everything so exciting and fun, I wanted to be involved because of this and all the hype!

    I think I shared the excitement with a huge amount of people!

    When the VR release happened I was overjoyed with excitement. I'd never seen such a cool unavailing before and I tried so hard to nab one of the invites. At that moment, days before even, I would have bought the phone in a heart beat. I wouldn't have thought twice about it. The absolute high of marketing, OnePlus should have started dispersing and selling their phone right then and there.

    12 hours later the Moto X Style was unveiled; I'm not writing this to say that it's a better phone, but more so the fact that it literally took what to me was the point of the OP2 away. I was still leaning 90% to the OP2 at this time. People started complaining, the OP2 was missing features and while it is a great phone for the money, it really can't "kill" a flagship whatsoever.

    I still rooted for the OP2 though, constantly posting on the forums, hoping to get an invite any day. People were angry, and Carl wouldn't address them until a fire started burning against the OP2. I got bored and started losing my bias, I realized that the OP2 is really just another phone. It's really not the "never settling" magical device I thought it would be.

    Carl told us that he didn't find NFC important which I understand, I don't use it, but you cannot tell the world you are creating the phone to kill all phones then leave out features you don't find important. Then, while people are growing even more weary you guys (OP) have the audacity to put out these belittling competitions to earn the right for an OP2? I wonder sometimes if OP takes us for a bunch of mindless sheep.

    Judging by the polls on this forum, the hype has died for over 50% of us, that's a huge number that is growing every day.

    I wonder what it is that might keep us from buying another phone like the Moto X now? The release date? Well, it seems like OP keeps making it more and more difficult for us the get the OP2 so that will take longer than the Moto X. The screen? Honestly, I'd rather have a phone that charges in 45 minutes a whole lot more than a phone that has longer battery life but takes 200 minutes to charge. USB c? Honestly, who cares, I'd rather have had USB 3. Our other options do not require making a buffoon of ourselves, and they don't require licking the asses of OP. It's my money and my phone, I give you my money, you give me my phone, I owe you nothing. On top of this the Moto x has a better camera, proven just google it, a better screen with = or better color reproduction, an SD card slot, NFC, works with every carrier, requires nothing but your money, quick charging (the fastest in the industry) super fast updates, better support, costs $10 more and is ready to ship without a 2-3 week processing time.

    Now, after hearing all this complaining, Carl announces a new phone coming out around December and the OP3 which will be available in H2 of 2016. You claim the OP2 to be the flagship killer of 2016 yet you tell us you didn't put in NFC because it's a feature that will not be widely used until next year? Right, the flagship killer of 2016 only to be killed by its maker in 2016. Good logic.

    Man, the amount of bullshit OnePlus is pulling on us is just too high for me.

    I know most of you don't give a single shit but I just felt the need to release my rant. You tell me any publicity is good publicity but that's bullshit when your business revolves around selling phones, not media.

    I'll stick around the forums, I enjoy most of you guys and I find new info interesting but I'm pretty peaced out of buying the OP2 now.

    Anyway, here's a TL;DR:

    Op2 is being dumb and I'm mad at them.

    P.S. I didn't reread this because I'm lazy so please excuse the grammar errors.
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  2. Gonzo01
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    KitKat Aug 3, 2015

    Me1256 , Aug 3, 2015 :
    I agree with you 100%. However, I never planned on getting the OP2 anyways. The oneplus one is still a great phone. But the phone I will recommend my brother to buy, will be the moto x style.

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    ws_volt , Aug 3, 2015 :
    yay ANOTHER thread about the exact same topic! Though ill give you credit, this is more detailed and well done than any ive seen before. The reality is oneplus have always been a shite company, their marketing and hype building strategies border on the infuriating, yet, they make really good phones, so we put up with it. OP2 is a great phone but I can see why many would not want to buy one if they already have a OPO or need NFC.

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    Peter8169 , Aug 3, 2015 :
    I actually read this thread for once and I feel your anger is justified. Good luck, and have fun with whatever phone you get! :D (I'm not being sarcastic ;))

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    Peter8169 , Aug 3, 2015 :
    Oh and just for giggles, this was the only grammar error I found xD

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