I was at Salute to Speed. Here's what went down

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    kuverti, Dec 11, 2018 :
    First things first. Can we finaly agree that the right way to drive is on the right side? UK people still haven't figured that one out and it confuses me everytime I'm on the road.

    ok now that we got that out of the way... EVENT

    Believe it was a week ago when I got the message that I was one of the people who got selected to join this super exclusive event in London. Next thing I know I'm on the plane getting all hyped.



    So London is still London. You might feel a bit of Christmas spirit occasionally but other than that.. London (Tower) Bridge still stands. The Buckingham Palace is still guarded by those red fellas and Red busses are still a thing.


    A friendly lady at the entrance

    Woke up in Woking. Never been to Woking. What is Woking famous for? Google says they have a museum and gardens. Never heared of any of them before. TripAdvisor points out that the square is also maybe nice to see... but who knows. Our point of interest was on the other side of town - at The McLaren Technology Centre. Btw there was this friendly guard who started talking to us. She was nice. UK people might not know the right way to drive, but at least they are really friendly.


    Who's us
    So as you could probably tell, I was not the only one who got selected. I mean there were probably 120+ people there - tech influencers, reviewes, staff, media people but there were also 6 of us who got lucky enough to join them all for the event. They have their own little diaries which you should definitely also check:
    @INKlike @adolfo79 @Dunnow @LB29 @mi6t0

    Round room with fancy lights
    After we got greeted, we gave our jackets to the reception (important detail, will come up later in the story). 9:30 Keynote starts. ok maybe 5min before that we enter this giant rounded room with fancy lights. Not a bad place to be. Expecially because there was free water bottle at every seat. Once seated 120+ people all faced the middle of the room. Some important people stated showing up there. There was Zak Brown the CEO of McLaren, Xi Zeng the mastermind behind the new device and couple of others whose name I forgot (sorry). I have to mention those lights again coz they were really nice. Everything synchronised to the videos and music. Perfect. So they were talking about the story behind the partnership, the history and the vision both strive to and of course the new device. Surprise surprise (skip this part if you are not F1 fan (F1 formula not pocophone)) Carlo Sainz and Lando Norris show up. And in their hand...


    Orange is the new red
    If today was a drinking game and everytime someone mentioned the word "speed" we would have to take a shot...I bet we wouldn't last the first speaker. Fair. Fair. 10GB of RAM, Warp charging 30 and a McLaren logo on the back. Other then the speed part.. Refreshed design with a new premium look. High-end specs and... red replaced with orange. This phone was made not to have a case on. Neither a skin. Carbon fiber inside a glass back with orange stripes around - something I haven't seen before (but glass back has its downsides as well *caugh* *caugh* fingerprints). Sounds like I was paid to say that (except the fingerprints part so that's why I put it in the brackets) but it just looks amazing irl.


    Little unboxing secret
    And I was able to touch it. Not only that but everyone got to unbox it as well. After the keynote we got out and there were boxes. Orange "Salute to Speed" boxes. Also fancy sandwiches but we will get to that part later. It was definitely one of the top 17 unboxing experiences I had. I will guide you through it. Start with a little note. Continue. Find a book. Continue. Find cables (headphone jack to usb-c included.. yes!). Continue. Glass with I don't know the English word to with actual carbon fiber inside. And that's it. Phone? Last page of that book. Open it. Also open other pages but last page is special because it doesn't say anything. Btw that book has a little secret. Has to do with AR but if you want to know what, check it out for your self... or read another diary from someone else.


    Waiting for my young talent sponsorship
    Other things were happening as well. For example did you know that those top notch McLaren drivers actually play a lot of video games? Actual video games, not that racing game on your phone. Also another thing they have their own setup. With steering wheel, peddles and everything. Even a seat that mimics the one inside the car. And we were able to try it out. I got disqualified in the first 10 seconds. I guess.. still achievement got, right?


    Tiramisu in the glass
    If you are still reading this congrats. Little Easter egg. So that fancy sandwiches I mentioned before? There was also food at the event.

    Cars, phones and HYPE
    Of course we can't talk about McLaren and not mention they make cars and formulas. They are actually really good (look good, don't know the specs). They even have a small lego car. We got a Historical Tour in the end. We saw how McLaren evolved, got to touch the vehicles and could see people actually making them through glass. I still think they are paid to act as if they are working. I couldn't take any photos so now you aren't able to confirm my hypothesis. Fun fact they even have a couple of atms in the building even though they accept cards at the giftshop. When I saw it, I thought it was mildly interesting - that's all. hmm what else...


    Missing jacket
    So do you remember when I said that our jackets are going to get mentioned later in the story. Yeah that's that part. So before leaving we went to the reception and got them back. Took a cab, train, tube, walked a bit and now I am at the hostel in actual London with two more days of exploring the city. wohoo! Christmas spirit, where you at?

    Thanks, bye
    As I'm typing this now on my phone in the hostel, I realised how lucky we all are to be part of such a good community. Staff that interact with us, with the community. We only received smiles from them today. And to have a place where we can talk and afterwards maybe meet in real life. Don't know about you reading this, but those other 5 members I met today are pretty cool.

    Thank you again OnePlus and McLaren for today. It was awesome (pls also invite me next time). And special thanks to @dsmonteiro for sticking with us thorough the whole event and making sure our questions are answered and our bellies aren't empty.

    ok, bye

    No more Bixby button

    almost all used photos: [LINK]
    a little more about the box: --scroll down--
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    kuverti, Dec 14, 2018 :

    A little more about the device I got the chance to play around with.
    So this is the new OnePlus McLaren Edition. As I already said it's a pretty nice phone. Fast, smooth and a top-notch device (sry for the pun. I will just let myself out).


    No notch on the back though. Just carbon fiber finish bellow the glass.


    Also can't forget about the Oneplus and McLaren logo. Just to remind you it's a premium phone. And that's a little about the device...


    Comes in this giant orange box. I mean not really that giant. I would Photoshop a banana for scale but would take additional 20 seconds so regarding the size.... you could probably fit at least three Redmi... I mean at least three OnePlus 2 boxes inside of this one.
    The box itself already has a carbon fiber finish to it. Feels good but spoiler alert it's fake. Just like your hopes and dreams of receiving this device from Santa.


    So inside the box is stuff. No headphones but you get a small adaptor saying "yes we are self aware we removed the headphone jack". Never seen a similar charging cable for a device before... it's orange. I also took a photo of the book you get but turned out blurry so try imagining it... if not, google it. Tells the story of both companies and their desire to strive to speed. It's filled with Easter eggs which still I won't get into much detail here. One spoiler is enough for this post. What else, what else...


    And you get a little glass thing I still don't know the English word to. They say it's actual carbon fiber inside. But don't get your hopes up of selling this on Ebay and getting a lot of money, because everyone will try to do that. At least wait for 15 years.


    All in all the whole unboxing experience was definitely something different. I was really surprised to how much thought they put into it (But you probably won't be able to tell by my face when you'll be watching our videos).
    Anyways, it was fun.

    ok, bye

    also ok @V_Patriche_Viorel you win, I'll edit the thread.
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    batchelor33, Dec 11, 2018 :
    sounds like it was a great time you guys had,thanks for the update and I incredibly jealous as my dad works there and I still haven't been and only recently fell on love with OnePlus

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    YRJ, Dec 12, 2018 :
    beautiful pictures and a great literary log!
    loved reading it.
    all the best [e]1f60a[/e]

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    Man you just narrated history! Super jealous of you but glad that it was a dream come true moment for you [e]1f60a[/e]

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    one problem : While changing volume via buttons , we only can control the media volume , not the Call and alarm volume . Is it a bug ???

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    Definitely looks like you spent quite nice time in OnePlus-McLaren London Event, sadly missed Mumbai event this time, I hope next event of TV or 1+7 is not so far...[e]1f609[/e]

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    off topic: bit odd to post a Tower Bridge picture and mentioning London Bridge. And no, you're not on the right side of the road.

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    ohh man that papaya orange coloured Type C cable and 3.5 extension is meh lit[e]1f525[/e]

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    i am use oneplus 6 mobile nowadays my mobile got a problem play store error i can't download any app in playstore

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