[IDEA][A10+] A custom ROM idea. ROM that's like stock OOS 10


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  1. OneplusExtreme
    Froyo Mar 17, 2021

    OneplusExtreme , Mar 17, 2021 :
    This is the same post from an XDA thread with the same title
    This isn't a ROM request. But it's purely a discussion of what users think of this idea for a custom ROM.

    I've had a recent discussion and thought of a possible new idea for a custom ROM with a friend.

    The Idea
    Ever since I've been switching to a custom ROM, the look of it makes me miss OOS 10 before OnePlus changed it to look like OneUI. Wouldn't it be great to have a custom ROM that's based on Oxygen OS 10 which is still supported or at least a Custom ROM that has the same UI and feel? It could also be OOS 11, but there's a reason why OnePlus hasn't released it to older devices as it could still have bugs, but at least OOS 10 which many fans loved. Unlike most custom ROMs that are based on Lineage OS which looks similar to the Google Pixel UI. I just feel that the classic OOS UI is still better.

    Because it's a custom ROM it can have additional features and monthly updates of course. Also, within those updates, it could include monthly security patches which would be better maintained and consistent, unlike OnePlus which some feel that they have lost their touch in recent years. If this idea is developed to become a real ROM, it would be a full ROM and hopefully be better maintained.

    What is the impact?
    The impact this custom ROM could bring is that, if successful it can be developed for other or older devices and bring the version of OOS that everyone loved to many people. Developing a custom ROM that's like OOS10 that supports and updates older OP devices(OP3/3T, OP5/5T, OP6/6T) would better than how OnePlus supports and updates them.

    This is just an idea proposal for a ROM to all fans of the OP6/6T. I just believe that this could help all those people who love the stock look and feel of OOS but is better maintained with a bit more features with monthly updates and security patches. Plus they can continue to enjoy it for many more years to come. If this does come to fruition it can bring OOS we love back to us and to many more.

    Please add any comments, criticisms, and thoughts.
    Voting in the poll or adding a like will be great. Thanks.

    @Rayansh_05 /XDA: @rayray07
    @OneplusExtreme /XDA: Extreme_Ninja2099

    The link to this XDA thread: here

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  2. OneplusExtreme
    Froyo Mar 17, 2021

  3. Rayansh_05
    Donut Mar 17, 2021