IDEAS 2.0 – Coming Soon

  1. Zach X.
    Community Team Staff Member Sep 21, 2020

    Zach X. , Sep 21, 2020 :

    Hi everyone,

    IDEAS is our most ambitious co-creation campaign to date. During our Beta trial, and over the course of 2 months, we invited you to submit OxygenOS feature requests and the response couldn't have been more positive – over 5,000 submissions and tens of thousands of discussions were raised. We were flooded by your passion for OxygenOS.

    Meanwhile, we also worked tirelessly to collect feedback on how to improve the IDEAS campaign itself. After reading through your comments, weeks of internal discussions, days and nights of tweaks and refinements, IDEAS 2.0 is now around the corner!

    What's new
    With the new and improved IDEAS 2.0, we aim to address some of the most common feedback we got from users and the product team.
    • A more robust voting system
      One piece of feedback we received from both the users and the product team was that "likes" alone weren't a good metric to judge ideas. For IDEAS 2.0, we're introducing two improvements – a dislike option, so that the product team knows if a specific request is polarizing, and the ability to provide additional feedback on why you decided to vote as you did. This will provide a better picture of what Community thinks about a specific idea~.
    • Guiding users through ideation
      How you structure an idea is as important, if not more, as having it in the first place. During the beta stage, there were many entries that were "I want x feature" or "I need y on my phone". While this gives us a rough idea of what you want, it doesn't help us (or others reading your entry) understand the how and the why.
    How to submit an idea.png
    • An improved IDEAS landing page
      We also worked on improving the landing page so that it's easier to use, while also providing more information on what the current status of an idea is. We also added a new option that allows you to get email notifications for replies to your ideas, as well as how well your entry is doing
    We want your help!
    We received a lot of feedback from our users immediately after making the platform live, so, this time, we're inviting our core Community to help us test the platform before making its official debut.

    If you want to help us test the IDEAS platform, let us know in the comments below why do you feel like you're the right fit for the job. During the next 24 hours, we'll select up to 20 users to join our internal testing, based on their post and their overall participation on the forums.

  2. dsmonteiro
    OnePlus Community Team Staff Member Sep 28, 2020

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  3. Liehjan
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Community Expert Sep 21, 2020

  4. AlienEye
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Sep 21, 2020

  5. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Writers' Club Sep 21, 2020

    YRJ , Sep 21, 2020 :
    Hey Zach,

    Really excited for IDEAS 2.0, also I am pleased to hear that the drawbacks in the first run have been fixed.

    As someone from the top 5 ideas, I think the voting system last time was flawed and it did not do justice to other good ideas which were lost in the flood of duplicate ideas! While tagging David Y. (everytime I saw a good idea) helped to a certain extent we never saw them making it to the top. The lack of exposure is something that needs to be fixed!

    I'd be more than glad to test out the new system. If you're looking for someone, just know I'm here ;)

    Cheers and goodluck :)

  6. Karun Deep
    Jelly Bean Sep 21, 2020

  7. HarshKK14
    Jelly Bean Sep 21, 2020

    HarshKK14 , Sep 21, 2020 :
    IDEAS is a great platform where users can share their needs. My personal experience is that the "suggestions' option in the community app doesn't work. I have given many suggestions till date, none were implemented nor were replied back to. So, IDEAS is the place to make your voice heard by many.

    Waiting to see those awesome IDEAS to flow in like last time. I just hope, more features are implemented this time. Last time, many were rejected ruthlessly.

  8. Muhammed P
    Gingerbread Sep 21, 2020

    KitKat Sep 21, 2020

    ASCHENTE_V , Sep 21, 2020 :
    I'll share my idea, when IDEAS 2.0 is available.
    Shortly speaking it's all about being able to remove pre-installed damn bloat (game space, doze mode, Netflix, Facebook services, RCC, buds app etc) simply by tapping "uninstall". As easy as it's... [e]1f602[/e]🤭🍿

  10. IamIRONSman
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Sep 21, 2020

    IamIRONSman , Sep 21, 2020 :
    Hi @Zach X. ,

    This is great as it makes it easier for the user to explain what they want and why.

    I think I would be a right for for the job as I already work in this field of platform support. Any ideas that are put forward for improvements or new functionality is discussed in detail then broken down and prioritised into tasks for our Platform DEV team to work on, demo and then release if all is signed off.

    I have found that this approach not only makes it easier to find a specific issue/ feature being worked on but enables a large update like a software update to be broken down into workable parts for the developers creating or fixing the issue.

    Thanks for creating this thread.

  11. Karun Deep
    Jelly Bean Sep 21, 2020

    Karun Deep , Sep 21, 2020 :
    I see IDEAS as a great platform for Community & OnePlus where community needs are known by OnePlus & best goes to implementation. Good to hear that issues of previous version are taken into account being fixed. This time we can have a good version of IDEAS where the best are not denied due to errors.

    I am ready to join with internal testing team, to test the new platform which gets equal opportunity to all ideas. I am in for this job.

  12. G_Huynh_Tinh
    Honeycomb Sep 21, 2020

  13. Helder_DAlmeida , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Sep 21, 2020 :
    Hello @Zach X.! Thanks for updating about the idea's 2.0.
    Hope it will bring some great features!
    If you don't arrange no one else you can count with me for testing the new platform [e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e]
    Stay safe!

  14. keithnyc
    Moderator Moderator Sep 21, 2020

  15. Belieber135
    Gingerbread Sep 21, 2020


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  17. SeanPlus
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 21, 2020

    SeanPlus , Sep 21, 2020 :
    So it's IDEAS 2.0's announcement that @Leo X. was hinting at! 😄

    Great to see it return (I've a few ideas of my own), and in what seems like a much better set-up.

    Please put my name in the volunteer's hat @Zach X. I've time to help test, and am not shy at sharing my honest opinion. 😅

  18. NiyasAhamed
    Honeycomb Sep 21, 2020

  19. Moka69
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 21, 2020

  20. Moka69
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 21, 2020

    Moka69 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Glacial Green , Sep 21, 2020 :
    I am interested for the internal testing. Always ready for this kind of help!
    I was one of the Top 5 last time. Though my idea is not selected, I found that many better ideas than mine were not even considered due to the top 5 criteria. I can help you giving any kind of insights and help the community making IDEAS 2.0 a great success, which in turn helps the users with those new features.

  21. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Sep 21, 2020

    superplus , Sep 21, 2020 :
    That was basically my idea last time, sadly they decided not to go ahead with it: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...s-they-want-to-install-during-set-up.1174902/

    I don't know if it's allowed to re-submit ideas again this time around.