IDEAS – A New Way of Making Your Voice Heard

  1. aswin.pj
    Cupcake Mar 22, 2020

    aswin.pj , Mar 22, 2020 :
    For one plus 7 pro and 7t pro we can try to enhance edge features by any software update such as appdrawer, accessing frequent call person,by sliding over the edge...it may be cool feature which is been available over other edge smartphones...if it is available on oneplus curved edge smartphones..it looks like beast over others..if not then the curved and flat display will look like same....interms of features


  2. E1564514804651
    Eclair Mar 23, 2020

    E1564514804651 , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Make the icons more polish... also need the icons and font size to be adjustable as per user preferences...at present the biggest icon size still seems to b small...

  3. Denzil Dsilva
    Eclair Mar 23, 2020

  4. H1550564633782 , via OnePlus 6 Mirror Black , Mar 24, 2020 :
    Transparent Back with changing colours (bore of different colour of back).

    Flexible, unbreakable & 3D Display.

    Water resistant. Even phone can be use under water like camera.

    Muscular battery life and wireless charging (No Charging Port) or lithium-air batteries.

    More intuitive, In-built presentation tools.

    Voice ID.

    Amazing camera quality and new features to take pictures and videos. Watching video is live.

    Augmented reality on mobile phone.

    Learning ability with environment.

    Improved Phone security.

    Good quality material.

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  5. H1561390391117
    Donut Mar 24, 2020

    H1561390391117 , Mar 24, 2020 :
    1) In screen cast include mobile screen turn off and notification turned off functionality.

    2) allow photo capture using bluetooth devices..ie shutter control using Bluetooth earphones while using camera app.

    3) Data sharing limit in hotspot.

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  6. Ujjwalprashar
    Froyo Mar 24, 2020

  7. Sach716
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 26, 2020

  8. pablofg1978
    Nougat Head Moderator Mar 27, 2020

    pablofg1978 , Mar 27, 2020 :
    Read the first post

  9. deep90s
    Cupcake Mar 27, 2020

    deep90s , Mar 27, 2020 :
    hello everyone i am using ONEPLUS 6 from quite long and i liked everything about it but recently i got health issues regarding hearing.
    its a humble request to developers and ONEPLUS makers that kindly add bluetooth compatibility for hearing aids i am hard of hearing and using hearing aids and sometimes when inget call i am unable to hear even with hearing aids on as voice doesn't get in hearing aids directly. even though my hearing aids gets connected with bluetooth and i can control the volume and all in the APP provided by my Hearing Aid company but one feature i am fond of and every useful i found in Iphone that it connects hearing aids like headphone and sound directly got to ears once it's connected with bluetooth but it's not possible in any other phone kindly introduce this feature in ONEPLUS 6 and help me with the situation
    thanks and regards

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  10. KARY JAKINS .M , via OnePlus 7 Mirror Gray , Mar 27, 2020 :
    @OnePlus Community and Project team members !

    kindly Consider this for our OnePlus devices..This idea will not gonna get more likes or comments but this type of peoples are also using Oneplus devices.This idea is very useful for all the people whose having hearing problem in all around the world.
    i hope oneplus team will consider this valuable real day problem facing by hearing aid using people and soon i hope you will give updates for all the hearing aids using people to give them better interaction with our oneplus devices.

    Thanks in Advance!

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  11. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Community Expert Mar 28, 2020

    cdnfarmer , Mar 28, 2020 :
    @David Y. and @Winkey W.
    After going through thousands of pictures per month on the forum and working through thousand on my phone, I realise that there is a big gap that once bridged it could facilitate picture sharing and viewing in the community and across all platforms. You mentioned in the AMA to tag you for ideas maybe worthwhile... so I thought of bringing this up to you. Incorporating compression feature directly in Gallery.

    There has been many discussion about incorporating YaImCo into the Community app. Others talked about it. I have been using the background feature of the latest YaImCo app. Right from the picture, I can share it to YaImCo and it compresses in the background while I move to the next picture. It is a great feature, removes barriers and increase the user experience. It would be nice and enhance the overall user experience without adding bloatware if the compression app or library could be incorporated into the Gallery app. What do you think?
    I am sure that is a great step to helping improve user friendliness. And for those of us looking at thousands of pictures, it would help identify pictures better.
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  12. Leonard Woelk
    Donut Mar 30, 2020

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  13. B1565122256597
    Cupcake Mar 31, 2020

    B1565122256597 , Mar 31, 2020 :
    1) Please! Make a AUTOMATICALLY DARK THEME!!
    All smartphones have this feature, but OnePlus don't have.

    2) When you install light wallpapers, the font is white and not visible. Make BLACK FONT, when wallpaper is a light!

    3) AOD

  14. DmitriPotapov
    Cupcake Mar 31, 2020

    DmitriPotapov , via OnePlus 5T , Mar 31, 2020 :
    Good day, dear OnePlus. Today I decided to put a timer on my favorite 5t and found that navigation in the created timers leaves much to be desired. I suggest making a list of timers (scrolling along the y axis) ~ 3 timers wide. Reduce the available circles of timers and bridge them with the timer list window. Rank by duration. Thus, active timers will be better visible. By clicking on the timer, the control window for a specific timer opens, which is now. Sincerely, Dmitri.

  15. wbenjebara
    Donut Mar 31, 2020

    wbenjebara , Mar 31, 2020 :
    Native Password Manager

    We all deal with a lot of password and to remember them we have three options: a weak password, a strong but used everywhere one, or a password manager. Unless you are a memory champion.

    I need to login in every app or website, with my fingerprint/Pin/Facial Recognition. An integrated oneplus password manager, stored localy (with option to sync highly encrypted), would be be an amazing Free option.

    What do you think guys ?

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  16. nexus2508
    Cupcake Apr 1, 2020

    nexus2508 , Apr 1, 2020 :
    oxygenOS disables double tape to wake feature when ambient display is turned on, why so ? they can bot work. a singke tap to ambient display and a further double tap can turn on the lockscreen. this could be really good feature along with the upcoming planned always on display.

  17. Sach716
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 1, 2020

    Sach716 , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 1, 2020 :
    happening in chrome ; use another browser

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