Ideas for permanent screensaver

  1. fitzciaran
    Donut Apr 24, 2015

    fitzciaran , Apr 24, 2015 :
    I've had a look through the search results for screensaver and haven't come up with anyone wanting to do what I'm asking about here.

    I want my phone to be able to go into a "screensaver" mode where the screen stays on and there are some occasional pixel changes to prevent screen burn.
    This would ideally also have some sort of lock functionality to make sure I don't accidentally use the phone since I want to put it in my pocket while in this state.

    FYI the reason I want this is I have a "sleep of death" issue - which means if the screen goes off for a phone sleep then I have to restart the phone in order to get the screen back - for me this makes the phone seriously close to being broken so that is why I'm prepared to lose long term screen life, suffer drastically reduced battery life (long term and time per charge) I've now given up on a proper solution but this could be a phone saving workaround.
    I have enough ideas to get something working but hopefully someone can recommend something I've not thought of yet!

    I've looked at daydream - but I'd need this to be when not plugged in - and I'd want a way to lock it in.
    I've looked at stay awake apps (these force the screen to stay on) and I think this might be the way to go -but I need this app to be locked in..any app suggestions? Most daydream app's have lots of functionality (Clock weather etc.. and I don't need any of that (I could put up with it but I really want as minimal as possible.)

    I can use tasker to take brightness down to minimum automatically when the app launches and to reverse that when the app closes (I'll probably also turn gps off and other things I can think of) which should help save a bit of battery...

    I'm on cm12 latest ota edition (though I flashed it not ota - it's the one with ok oneplus command - though it's no good to me since the screen doesn't ever wake!)


    edit: I'm looking into screen pinning now - might be a winner?!
    edit2: OK to answer my own question I've put together most of my thoughts from above and decided on using ..
    "Multipicture live wallpaper" app - first one i tried and seems fine I have it set to switch picture every half hour - shouldn't be too resource intensive
    "Keep Screen On" set to ... keep the screen on if the "Multipicture live wallpaper" app is on.
    I have a tasker profile to turn off gps and turn down screen brightness when this app is on. - I may add to this (wi-fi?!)
    I am currently planning on launching the app with a gesture or something - tasker again - but manually putting the pin on ... it'll take few seconds which will seem a lot compared to just double tapping the status bar or hitting the power button but will be manageable I think - I'll see how this goes for a bit

    edit3! Pinning seems to block calls from being received so I'm looking into lockscreen apps now!
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