If you had the chance would you buy the phone again?


Would you purchase your one again, now that you have experienced the phone for yourself??

  1. Yes, i love everything about it.

    134 vote(s)
  2. No, there are just somethings i don't like about it.

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  1. Esenbek
    Gingerbread Apr 30, 2015

    Esenbek , Apr 30, 2015 :
    if you mean new phone? I would say no, because my current OPO will be good for another 3-4 years at least, if this is a tablet probably yes because OP is pretty good, if this is a laptop even better) it means cheap but high quality and modern (IF they will keep everything cheap) (and IF they will ever start producing tablets and other stuff)

  2. alsukmadi
    Honeycomb Apr 30, 2015

  3. customimagesolutions
    Gingerbread May 2, 2015

  4. johnnymartz3
    Jelly Bean May 2, 2015

    johnnymartz3 , May 2, 2015 :
    I will only buy the next phone. Oneplus has lost all potential accessory sales from me, and for one single reason: USPS, it sucks. Give us the option to pay more and use a different shipper and I'll gladly start buying accessories again

  5. Deactivated User
    May 2, 2015

  6. customimagesolutions
    Gingerbread May 2, 2015

  7. veratoloz2005
    Lollipop May 2, 2015

    veratoloz2005 , May 2, 2015 :
    What would you buy, Willie? What would you buy? What, Willie, what, Willie, what Willie, why?:)

  8. iowamatt
    Eclair May 2, 2015

    iowamatt , May 2, 2015 :
    As of now, yes I would buy another Oneplus phone/product. I feel you get alot for your money. The quality is good. I think the biggest hurdle they need to get over with me is their software/OS. One the one hand Oxygen isn't pure Android but on the other hand it isn't exactly earth shattering either, it's just mediocre. It's certainly better than what Samsung is doing with TouchWiz. Honestly, in the future what would likely pull me away from Oneplus is a pure Android device like the Nexus, but right now the 6" is just too big. I wish they had a 5.5" phone. If they had they, I would consider switching...I'd have good hardware and be among the first to get Android updates. The only other thing that would pull me away is either some amazing phone that has some killer feature I just need to have, or if Apple would get their act together and allow for more customization in iOS. I was such a big Apple fan and have been put off with their high prices, crap screens/speakers/mics/reception/etc, and locked down OS. Sorry, rambling...

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  9. jeffryj11
    Gingerbread May 2, 2015

  10. Abenbynek
    Gingerbread May 2, 2015

    Abenbynek , May 2, 2015 :
    worst reception I've ever had in a phone. yellow bar at the bottom of my screen. not one stable rom. complete lack of customer support.

  11. ih8c0ldweath3r
    Honeycomb May 2, 2015

  12. Aliennathan
    Donut May 2, 2015

    Aliennathan , May 2, 2015 :
    So, so touchy phonehog! why? you part owner in the company. And yes it is obvious that more, better phones are on the horizon what I meant they are here now and if someone wants to comparison shop, they will find better for cheaper and if you hadn't noticed, It's 2015, not 2014 so who gives a f@@@k how this phone stacked up a year ago!

  13. Coug76
    Froyo May 2, 2015

    Coug76 , May 2, 2015 :
    I'd by the 1+2. As long as I don't have to use those crappy JBL ear buds. OnePlus should take a page out of Xiaomi's playbook and listen to the Piston 2 and 3.

  14. yuvalrubinil
    Eclair May 2, 2015

  15. J.Chen89
    Honeycomb May 2, 2015

  16. Zututukulipa
    Froyo May 2, 2015

  17. ankool
    Cupcake May 2, 2015

    ankool , May 2, 2015 :
    Phone Design & handling : amazing
    Price: you get best value for ur money
    Current cyanogen OS: superb and customizable
    Next OS planned: oxygen OS. Not sure about it as of now

  18. Reid2
    Eclair May 2, 2015

    Reid2 , May 2, 2015 :

    I have the 64GB One, the OnePlus silver bullet earphones, the clear case, the bamboo StyleSwap cover, and just ordered the PowerBank.

    Why? I've had a great experience with OnePlus' products, and the money I saved on the device I've chosen to reinvest into their accessories.

    I may skip the next phone they release, but that is because I want to make this one last at least 18 to 24 months before investing in a new one and accessories.

    As long as OnePlus continues to provide a decent Android OS (I bought the phone based on hardware, not Cyanogen), I will continue to purchase their devices.

    Edit: I also enjoy the community here - that's a big factor as it is easy to get answers and thoughts/opinions of others with the same device.

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  19. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert May 2, 2015

  20. skyrocket
    Gingerbread May 2, 2015

    skyrocket , May 2, 2015 :
    Yes. I'll be honest in saying that get tired of phones extremely quickly, about a month or two in most cases. After a few months with my OnePlus One, I'm not tired of the device and I'm still definately in love with the device. It's absolutely perfect for me. I was a bit annoyed at the time of the delays, but understanding the nature of the device, there's always options in terms of ROMs with the latest and greatest software. I'll see what OnePlus has to offer in the future and stick with them! Although other high end flagship offerings are tempting, especially from Samsung, nothing can beat the price and stock Android offered on the OnePlus One.

    CyanogenMod or not, I'll stick with OnePlus. :D