I'm losing interest in this phone !

  1. dannysav
    Froyo Aug 14, 2014

    dannysav , Aug 14, 2014 :
    The phone specs and price are good, but this is a commodity.
    Take it easy...

  2. keithnyc
    Moderator Moderator Aug 14, 2014

    keithnyc , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Steve: I hear you, mate. But your number is very close to those receiving invites from OPO. Like the others said, check you email daily as well as your spam folder.

  3. starfury
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    starfury , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Nice ... glad to see it worked out. Was it in the spam folder as I suspected, or did it arrive while this thread was ongoing ?

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  4. J-Pan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2014

    J-Pan , Aug 14, 2014 :
    You (and all 'likers') should ask @Kallen
    I don't know how exactly he does it, but under his supervision participants get their invites very soon. So if you won't get your invite from OPO, then Kallen might be helpfull for you

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  5. Fetterfly
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    Fetterfly , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Definitely getting tired of it. I was very excited to see this phone come out. I love Cyanogen. I've been running it every since I got my first non-work cell phone. For someone who enjoys every aspect this phone brings to the table ie. choosing your own rom, open dev speak, that sort of thing, it really is a downer. I've been sitting on a broken phone staring at Xiaomi's or the 64g Opo which is a little closer to home. I'm tired of the "have fun" sayings on the forum. Have fun? I just need a working communications device. Pining for invites is far from fun. Feigning community behaviour and dropping off the boards when you get your phone is not fun. Walls of twitter photos of phones in mailboxes is not fun. Telling jokes, joining "invite cliques" is not fun. What's fun? Actually receiving a device, testing it and exploring functionality in a forum. I respect the model that OnePlus was aiming for with the invite system, I just don't think they could have predicted the bizarre social dynamics it's created. Good luck man, may you get yours.

  6. Iseek1
    KitKat Aug 14, 2014

  7. ricky24
    Froyo Aug 14, 2014

  8. chandlo
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    chandlo , Aug 14, 2014 :
    That means up to 85k are in the queue. You'll be up soon. My Dad was selected on 8/7 and had the phone by 8/12. It's a nice phone and well worth the wait.

  9. Kallen
    Aug 14, 2014

    Kallen , Aug 14, 2014 :
    You have 9 posts lol

  10. mrhappysad
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2014

    mrhappysad , Aug 14, 2014 :
    So you have been checking your SPAM folder as well like the other suggested? But heck, if it was there, it might be expired by now. That would suck. Best of luck to you.

  11. dorian tenace
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    dorian tenace , Aug 14, 2014 :
    how the fk can you be member 186,141 while they are only 185,694 members..>?

  12. xkakashix
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    xkakashix , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Being active, helpful, and polite on the forums may land you an invite from forum members instead of waiting for the system! :)

  13. chandlo
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    chandlo , Aug 14, 2014 :
    It was my Dad who got it! He registered back in May. I'm interested in getting one now since I saw his. Hopefully he gets his invites to share soon.

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  14. yzkoo
    Cupcake Aug 14, 2014

    yzkoo , Aug 14, 2014 :
    thou i do fancy this phone *prays for invite*, the wait is impossible. Heck availability of this phone in other countries aren't expanding so don't expect much

  15. fd.iqbal
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    fd.iqbal , Aug 14, 2014 :
    I am here for the sarcasm. By the time I will get the invite, nexus 6 will be out and I am a huge nexus fan.. So i will share my invite..

  16. Steve Poole
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    Steve Poole , Aug 14, 2014 :
    While the thread was going lol

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  17. starfury
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2014

    starfury , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Nice ... LOL ... gotta love the irony, eh ?

    Congratz again ... hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

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  18. mateusz_two
    Froyo Aug 14, 2014

    mateusz_two , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Oh, yes I was waiting for sooo long that I decided to just get a nexus 5 totally worth it

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  19. write2johndoe
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2014

    write2johndoe , Aug 14, 2014 :
    you lucky bastard ;):cool: have fun with your awesome phone

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  20. HugoDerHeld
    Honeycomb Aug 14, 2014

    HugoDerHeld , Aug 14, 2014 :
    Ho No plz do not leave. We do not know what to do without you!

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