I'm starting to think about switching from OnePlus to...... iPhone

  1. bagufix
    Honeycomb May 6, 2021

    bagufix , May 6, 2021 :
    Hello OnePlus users!

    My first OnePlus was the X model. It looked and worked very well. I used it for several years. I tested a lot of unofficial systems and modifications on it. Until I finally switched to the Pro 7 model, I was surprised by the smoothness of the screen, the lack of notch, the design and it had that something that other smartphones didn't have. After a year of use I started to notice some disadvantages, such as:
    • big size,
    • random lags while unlocking and using the system on latest update,
    • bad one-handed use,
    • it is quite heavy.
    I do not use social networking applications on my phone e.g. FB, messenger, whatsup, instagram etc. I don't play games.

    I've recently started to like the iPhone 12 mini, I had a chance to see it up close, it runs very smoothly and is ridiculously small. Apple system is said to be very easy and intuitive and the applications I use are available on iOS. My only concern is battery life.
    I just want a stable phone for calling, texting, listening to music and using maps.

    What do you think? Let me know.

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  2. TheMystic
    Lollipop May 6, 2021

    TheMystic , May 6, 2021 :
    It's a good idea. There is a learning curve, and more importantly an adjustment curve to get used to the restrictions on iOS. But once you get used to it, it is a good experience of its own.

    But be warned that you'll be in for some shock and frustration initially, and every now and then. :)

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  3. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 May 6, 2021

    Mr. BG , May 6, 2021 :
    I've been using Android phones for years, but also IOS devices, currently running a last gen iPad and an iPhone 8 for work.

    I also had a Oneplus X, loved the size, headphone Jack, smooth Amoled display, now I'm on A Oneplus Nord N10 5G, and it's not a bad device, but too big for me as well.

    I think the iPhone 12 Mini is a bit too much of a good small thing, battery life really sucks and I hate the notch thing. So, ultimately I decided to go for the Pixel 4a.

    As I'm not a heavy user it ticks all the boxes, great 5.8" Amoled screen, headphone Jack, great camera, decent battery life and, a metal frame with a matte black plastic back, 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs for storage.

    You do you, but the iPhone battery life will suck, especially as the battery gets older. And, iOS is OK for the iPad, but I hate how restricted the phone version is.

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  4. bagufix
    Honeycomb May 21, 2021

    bagufix , May 21, 2021 :
    I bought an iPhone 12 mini - it's great

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  5. RacerZ
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 21, 2021

    RacerZ , May 21, 2021 :
    You'll find that the battery life is actually pretty good. I have one as a work phone and basically use it for phone calls, email, Jira, PagerDuty, and Slack messaging among coworkers. I find that by the end of the day, I still have over 83% battery life remaining. My peeve is that there's no touch ID (Face ID is frustrating when you're wearing a mask.)

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  6. bagufix
    Honeycomb May 22, 2021

    bagufix , May 22, 2021 :
    Battery charged to 87%, lasted me all day, used maps, listened to music etc. using such a small phone is really very convenient

  7. Nipu_1998
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series May 22, 2021

    Nipu_1998 , May 22, 2021 :
    you can grab a MagSafe battery pack. It comes around $30-40. Have heard it is really convenient for the 12 mini.
    Hyper Juice, Anker, Belkin has some good options.

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  8. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 May 22, 2021

    Mr. BG , May 22, 2021 :
    Cheers lad, enjoy it ;)

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  9. bagufix
    Honeycomb May 22, 2021

    bagufix , May 22, 2021 :
    great idea, i think i will order one

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  10. shezilferaz
    Gingerbread May 23, 2021

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  11. bagufix
    Honeycomb May 23, 2021

    bagufix , May 23, 2021 :
    it's just like me, welcome to the iphone family

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  12. Yash Pratap Singh.
    KitKat May 23, 2021

    Yash Pratap Singh. , May 23, 2021 :
    It's everything I want an Android to be.
    I got some accessories with it, but my dad doesn't use it - the Apple Magsafe Case, Earpods....lol 11K rupees kinda wasted

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