Impressions of the Oppo Find 7

  1. hannika
    Gingerbread Jul 2, 2014

    hannika , Jul 2, 2014 :
    Hi :)
    I decided not to wait any longer for the OPO and ordered an Oppo Find 7. This won't be one of these theatralic "Goodbye OnePlus" threads and neither do I want to talk about the specs of the phone because there are enough threads like this and I don't know much about phones. I won't mention the topic unboxing either, because as with specs, there are enough resumes and videos of this^^

    First of all: I ordered the phone last Tuesday (24.06.2014) I think and by that time it was a preorder. The website (oppostyle.com) said it would be shipped early July and it arrived yesterday, 1st of July. I'd say that's the time management you wish for.

    My first impression when I opened the package and saw the (free) case was "Oh s****, what have I done". Well, after the 4" display of my old LG p970 the Find 7 is just huge. I mean, I knew it would be big, but anyways it scared me a bit for I'm a 1,68m small woman and the phone is nearly as long as my whole palm! But I have to say, after a day of usage, I'm getting used to it. There are of course trousers where it fits only 2/3 into the pockets, but I own one pair of jeans where it fits nearly completely^^

    When I came to unpacking the phone I was happy about the sticker on the display explaining how to insert the battery. It has to be said that you need a bit fingernails to open the back cover. For me no problem, but some of you guys could have trouble with that because it doesn't have some kind of hole where you can start to open the back. The back cover itself is extremely thin and light, I was a bit surprised by that and I hope it won't break when I have to remove it^^

    Starting the Find 7 worked well and it guidet me through a kind of "first usage programm" where I could change language, region and set wifi and accounts. The start language was English (and not Chinese or something like that :D)

    My SD Card was detected without any problems and I can use everything on it.

    Today came an update to ColorOS 2.2.1. I installed it, but untill now I haven't detected any differences to the prior version. Could be because I only used the phone one evening.

    Calls: I was called today while eating in a big canteen and I have to say the Find 7 has a very clear sound and the one on the other end said she could understand me well despite the loud noises surrounding me.

    I took a photo with the front camera and I'm impressed with the result. It looks very sharp and clear, not comparable with my old phone. The screen is brilliant and well, really sharp (2k :D)

    A feature I really like is the live weater. My backround is a landscape photo I took myself and it looks very cool when it rains into the lake in the backround^^ Though I don't know how it will look when it is sunny :D

    Now to the points that bug me a bit:

    The volume buttons are located in a way that I keep accidentally pressing them. It's a bit annoying but I guess I will get used to it

    The power cable is really short.

    It seems like you can only use 2.95GB storage for apps, but I read threads where that changes when you root CM on your device.

    It took some time to figure out how to set a picture from my galery as background and I still don't know how I've done it/ what I've done wrong the first few times^^

    Also I had some problems synchronising my calendar. The dates appear in the list when the app is open, but not in the widget. It's a bit strange, but maybe I've done something wrong^^

    And in the end, there are some strange points:

    When I connected my Find 7 with the PC, its name was "CD-Drive E:", though I connected it via USB. Anyways, there was a setup.exe and I could install the drivers without problems.

    Another strange thing is, that when I looked into the app authorisation menu there were 4 game apps I can't find anywhere on the phone, not even in settings/apps/installed. Their names are Danger Dash, Gameloft Live, Green Farm 3 and Kingdoms and Lords. I don't know what's up with that.

    All in all I think it's a very nice phone and it seems to work quite well^^ At least I can play games my p970 couldn't handle (temple run 2). If you've got questions concerning the Find 7 feel free to ask and I will update the thread when I have more to say :D

    Oh and of course: Sorry for potentional errors I've made, I'm no native speaker :D

  2. lestergoh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 2, 2014

    lestergoh , Jul 2, 2014 :
    Enjoy the phone,:D the oppo find 7 is a great phone though I'm not a fan of Color OS. Which ever way you look at it, not a bad choice at all. At least you have the phone in hand. :D

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  3. chopchopw
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 2, 2014

    chopchopw , Jul 2, 2014 :
    dont worry about the app space. 3 gb is more than you will ever need unless you install 1000 apps.only the essential data is stored in that partiotion (20-40mb) max. The rest of the app like data files will be in the actual storage space. so a 1.6 gb game will only have 30mb in the app storage and the rest 1.6gb in the actual sd card

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  4. Hans104
    Jelly Bean Jul 3, 2014

    Hans104 , Jul 3, 2014 :
    :) Herzliche Glückwünsche zu Deinem Oppo Find 7, zu Deinem Thread und zu Deinem English.