[IN] #ShotonOnePlus Contest Week 3: Never Rest

  1. Joel Jacob
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    Joel Jacob , Aug 25, 2020 :

    [Update]: Entries for #ShotonOnePlus Week 3 are closed. You can vote for your top photo here.

    Hey everyone,

    We're halfway into this #ShotonOnePlus contest with no sign of rest ;)

    First off, I thank everyone who has participated so far. We got a vast number of quality entries last week. You can check out our top 5 shortlisted entries here. Congratulations to @_jpegfile for bagging first place and again, @the_cursedchild for being our runner up twice in a row!

    Now we're on to our next theme: Never Rest. This special theme for week 3 focuses on all things Nightscape. We're looking for the best use of Nightscape as a feature.

    To help you know more about the theme, @Vito B. is back at it with another interview.

    Submitting your entries:
    1. Shot on OnePlus: Long press your wallpaper on your homepage and select the ‘Wallpapers’ option > Select ‘ Shot on OnePlus’ > Access you profile by clicking on the avatar in the top right corner > Hit the ‘add’ (+) button on the bottom right corner to upload.
      (Note – you will be able to see the ‘add’ option only when you’re logged in)

      Alternate: You can also go to ‘Wallpapers’using Settings. Settings > Customisation > Wallpapers

    2. Fill in the theme: ‘Never Rest’, your Instagram username and necessary hashtags in the description. Hashtags to be used are #ShotonOnePlus, #NeverRest and a hashtag with the phone model you’ve used. For eg. #OnePlusNord or #OnePlus8Pro or #OnePlus8.

      The theme, hashtags and your IG username will make your entry stand out, so don’t miss out on them.

      Note that the number of photos you can post with Shot on OnePlus is limited to 3 a day.

    3. Post on Instagram with the same relevant hashtags. And remember to keep your profiles public so we can view them.

      Note: You need to submit your entry via Shot on OnePlus and on Instagram to be eligible. We'll be looking at both channels for this contest.
    Winner announcements and prizes
    We will be conducting a poll on every Friday of the contest period, which closes on Monday morning on the same thread. We will have 2 winners per week. The winners of each weekly theme will get an assortment of OnePlus merchandise like T-shirt/Jacket/Nord Brave Bottle.

    At the end of 4 weeks, we will be announcing one overall contest winner who wins a OnePlus Nord.

    Please check our terms and conditions.

    Best of luck to all who are participating. Let’s get clicking!

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