INDIA PRICING AND S20 plus vs 8 Pro

    Froyo Apr 14, 2020

    YASINMARFANI , Apr 14, 2020 :
    Looking to US and UK prices

    8 pro 8/128 should be around 68K

    now in india they will be priced a lot more which Indian buyers will never buy

    I wan going to prebook the 8 Pro 256 but it seems that will be my biggest mistake.

    As we all know both S20 PLUS an 8 PRO are the same specs phone right

    As S20 plus 8/128 is priced at 78K in india

    from which if you deduct 6K cashback and 6K store discount easily (which I am getting)

    so the S20 plus at 66 K or 8 Pro at 68K

    however we don't know yet the price of 8 pro how it will translate after GST changes and other stuff and what cashback will we get? we don't know.

    I prefer samsung over one plus if prices are similar or samsung is 5K more expensive

    what you guys feel??

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