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  1. Naman Bhalla
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    Naman Bhalla , Dec 3, 2014 :

    If you want to apply for an invite,participate in official contests(links below) and fill our form requesting an invite(link below).
    After filling the form,you are required to reply to the thread saying that you have filled the form,so that your entry can be validated.But,don't ask us as to when you will be given an invite,as we also don't know anything about it.Don't post your e-mail in this thread.If you post your e-mail,your name will be removed from our list and will not be added again even if you edit the post.
    Actively participate in the forums
    and don't just ask for invites everywhere.


    1.) Please fill out this form :- http://goo.gl/forms/3MZi5tS4zL .
    (You will be required to have a Google Account as we want the form to be filled only once by a person.)
    Note :-
    We have found that a lot of people have mentioned wrong member no. and link to their profile.Please take care of it.
    The entry of wrong information will reject your request for an invite.
    2.) Reply to thread saying that you have filled the form,requesting an invite.This will validate your entry.
    3.) You will be shared an invite with as and when we have a shareable invite and we think you deserve it.


    1.) Fill out this form :- http://goo.gl/forms/3MZi5tS4zL .
    2.) [OPTIONAL] Reply to this thread mentioning that you have filled the form,sharing an invite,alongwith its expiry time.This will help us share it with a deserving candidate before it expires.
    3.) We will share the invite with the person who we think deserves it.People you mention in Your Priority List will also be taken care of.


    We will give points to everyone who had requested an invite from us. The points will be given on the basis of Membership Level,Joining Date and No. of Invites the person shared with us as follows :-


    • Cupcake - 10​
    • Doughnut - 20​
    • Eclairs - 40​
    • Froyo - 80​
    • Gingerbread - 160​
    • HoneyComb - 320​
    • Ice Cream Sandwich - 640​
    • JellyBean - 1280​
    • KitKat - 2560​
    • LolliPop - 5120​
    • December'13 - 5120​
    • January'14 - 5000​
    • February'14 - 4800​
    • March'14 - 4500​
    • April'14 - 3750​
    • May'14 - 3000​
    • June'14 - 2480​
    • July'14 - 1920​
    • August'14 - 960​
    • September'14 - 480​
    • October'14 - 240​
    • 1 November'14 - 15 November'14 - 120​
    • 15 November'14 - Till Date – 80​




    (Points for membership level+Points for joining date)X(Points for number of invites shared with us)

    After ranking everyone we will select top persons equal to number of invites we have to share.These people will be given invites condition they agree to our T&Cs.

    1.) Winners will have to share atleast one of their shareable invites , once they get with the thread by filling the form.This is to ensure that the thread keeps growing further.
    2.) Winners will have to update their signature mentioning they received an invite through this thread.This is to promote the thread so that more and more people can join this initiative,making the forum clean and useful.
    3.) Winners will have to reply to the thread saying that they won an invite through it alongwith a screenshot of the Order Completion page. (Personal details can be blurred).This is to ensure that invite was used and not sold.Moreover,it makes people trust the thread even more.

    EDIT :- (An alternate to this is that you order within 15 minutes of getting the invite.)
    Following some reports of people selling shared invites on e-bay etc,for the time being,we have decided to share invites only via COD.
    Winners will have 2 options:-
    1.) We should place an order for them through our Amazon account.In this way they will not get share-able invites though.So,we recommend second option.
    2.) Winners can tell us their Amazon account and password via PM.We will place their order.Then they can change the password.Don't worry,we will not spam and all your information will be confidential.You will have to trust us at-least this much.
    PS: This has been done only to stop selling of invites by people on e-bay etc. and help truly deserving people.

    You can also collaborate with us in distributing the invites. Only a person with membership level Ice Cream Sandwich or higher or Moderators can collaborate.The collaborators will be allowed to view responses to I HAVE AN INDIA-SPECIFIC INVITE TO SHARE and I AM IN A NEED OF INDIA SPECIFIC INVITE forms and they can share invites with people who they think deserve an invite. To collaborate, PM any of the present collaborators .

    PRESENT COLLABORATORS :- @Naman Bhalla @arunm027 @Param_Kharoud @hetalk @jags @naveennair


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    Mr kryptonite , Dec 3, 2014 :
    sorry.. one silly doubt.. Where do i find the my member number?? :p

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  13. Naman Bhalla
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    Naman Bhalla , Dec 3, 2014 :
    People who have shared invites with the thread

    @vinay.yevatkar @pravpandey @ilikeu @satemi @Naman Bhalla (18)
    @abhi619 (2) @ghitesh (2) @LalitBarik @mr.mash @tabrej_khan @vinay.yevatkar @sudeepnair @sai_vish @midnitc @chand002 @prrash @ktn_vrce @rakish @sivas @pksahoo67 @Dhrumin226 (3) @arydream @revatbehal @indianrashi ( Via COD TO @ssadani ) @camohan (3) @vinay.k.21 (2) @anoopalunkal @bhanuprasad @dhawan (2) @siddarthrk @Athena @umeshkrishnan @sakshiudeshi @mitrbikram @arunm027 @Basade.abdul @kensplanet @ram0312 @anurg @alstonleo @rohit10shah @Gourish @krishnavk @harshit1903 @tabrej_khan (2) @kuberkanav @Exorcist32 @Param_Kharoud (2) @venkataravi (2) @Basade.abdul (2) @juststeve @Rapz0r @nytwing5 @dhirajmishra (4) @Pradeep Bhat @prajode @fastcoder @Sudeendra @ram0312 (2) @Utkarsh Bansal @indianrashi @dpbn @James Bond (2) @somuindia @[email protected] @Herubrand @reetesh_kr (2) @Vibhor_1911 @tokapilsharma @jayaramsrikanthan @Herubrand @santoshr0114 (2) @Johansin @mdsakh (2) @satemi @DhruvaKumar @dave.3d24 @Shub91 @stormchip @thanashyam @gautamal @Haresh Patel @almend1990 @venkniralac @Mayank Upadhyaya @tamish @Kaymeddy @sudhakarsen @Zap94 (2) @kunalbassi (2) @kushal160 @sumitsahoo @[email protected] @abhishek.d @sushil.mudgil @vaibz91 @naveenjohnsonv @ankugreat @mbdhanasekran @kushal160 @Garudadwajan @rahul_rss @mahmoodsplus @[email protected] @pavantonapi @amit_1raj (3) @vpshyam (2) @kushal160 @iwant1p1 @stormchip (2) @krshnaan (3) @ashu_ashish1 (3) @Sandip680 (1) @PowB @slaha11 @alemc2 (3) @rajeshgk123 (2) @tapan92
    still editing ..............
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    Sandip680 , Dec 3, 2014 :
    I gurantee you that whenever I get my sharable invites, I will share them here only!!:)

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    ajaymantha , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Great initiative.


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