1. 7ISFX7
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 18, 2014

  2. SmartPhone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 19, 2014

    SmartPhone , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Yes, if you are a beggar and begging for invites, else for a normal OnePlus queue, it'll take upto Dec 2015. Sorry I don't say beggar those who ask for invites, but OnePlus and its staff says.

  3. vikasrai
    Donut Aug 19, 2014

    vikasrai , Aug 19, 2014 :
    Lolzz.. They called you beggar? If they would have called me something like this, I would have never bought their phone. There are other ways to get it. Also if they are not interested in selling me their phone, I am not interested in buying one too.... I thought they might be selling their phones to one who are well informed about it but this forum seems a garbage bin.. lolzz

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  4. stchad
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 19, 2014

  5. rahulgadre
    Cupcake Dec 8, 2014

    rahulgadre , Dec 8, 2014 :
    Hi all,
    I bought the phone in the US and planning to send it to India. I just want to know whether the phone will work with all the network service providers (Airtel, Vodafone, Dolphin etc) in India or not.

  6. sowji1saro
    Cupcake Apr 16, 2015

  7. siocnarf13
    Jelly Bean Apr 16, 2015