Install Adb Drivers For Windows 8.1 64 Bits

  1. londonappdev
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2015

    londonappdev , Aug 9, 2015 :
    Well on the plus side at least you got it working :) (even if it was a bit random). Which drivers did you try last before it worked?

  2. londonappdev
    Gingerbread Aug 9, 2015

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  3. aravindhram
    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2015

    aravindhram , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Upgraded to 10 and regretting it. I am unable to connect my OPO in MTP mode :( all other phones are connecting and I could even make it work in ADB mode (Thanks to samsung drivers) but I am unable to connect it in MTP to view or transfer files... anyone having a solution , Tried all the drivers and even went to oneplus toolkit but MTP mode is not getting connected.

  4. aravindhram
    Honeycomb Aug 11, 2015

    aravindhram , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Trying this

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  5. aravindhram
    Honeycomb Aug 12, 2015

    aravindhram , Aug 12, 2015 :

    Thanks a lot ! Worked like a charm when I was going nuts. Wonder whay should we update a package to connect our phone :-x damn you Microsoft morons . But overall Windows 10 build is way faster and stable than windows 8...

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  6. Korovjov
    Cupcake Aug 13, 2015

    Korovjov , Aug 13, 2015 :
    It is kind of a great drawback that this great phone isn't compatible what I believe to be the most popular OS in the world (I don't say it's great, but probably still the most common out there).
    I managed to overcome the issue by connecting my phone with my Megaupload account, and transfer the captured media via that, but srsly, OPO, COME THE F* ON! :(

  7. LiberationHD
    Froyo Aug 20, 2015

    LiberationHD , Aug 20, 2015 :
    Installed Samsung Driver but on
    • Select ADB Interface from the list
    theres only "MTP-USB-Device".

  8. taka61
    Gingerbread Aug 29, 2015

  9. redsyrup
    Eclair Sep 1, 2015

    redsyrup , Sep 1, 2015 :
    Thanks a lot for your support

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  10. IgorT75
    Cupcake Sep 3, 2015

    IgorT75 , Sep 3, 2015 :
    I've Android Studio installed, so when I connect Nexus5 it appears in Device Manager in Android device section (DevMan.png).
    But this section does not appear when I connect OPO (after installing Samsung driver and doing all other things).
    Please help..
    Using Windows 10.

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  11. acersahibi77
    Jelly Bean Sep 3, 2015

    acersahibi77 , Sep 3, 2015 :
    Hello I would like to ask you from where I can install the latest Samsung drivers (I still use windows 7). The link you have provided doesn't exist any more.
    I would also like to ask if I can use Helium Backup when I install the latest ADB drivers.
    Thanks in advance.

  12. aelfwyne
    Donut Sep 5, 2015

    aelfwyne , Sep 5, 2015 :
    Exactly, someone needs to find an updated link. This is not a good way to start the experience with a new phone only to find out they haven't even bothered to provide ADB drivers.

  13. Badgerati
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2015

  14. abechung
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 6, 2015

    abechung , Oct 6, 2015 :
    Hi all, if I wanted to uninstall the driver, not just from the computer, but also from the phone, I just have to right click the device and uninstall in device manager, right?

    Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  15. amjad_2020
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 28, 2015

  16. iampooja
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2015

    iampooja , Oct 29, 2015 :
    On my phone, with or without adb enabled, the "usb" options under storage are grayed out. I've updated my driver on the PC, but shouldn't the phone setting also work?

  17. KartKiller
    Cupcake Nov 4, 2015

    KartKiller , Nov 4, 2015 :
    Hi! I was developing with Android Studio recently, but i have a problem... I can't debug with adb on my One, but I can copy/cut/paste files in its memory using File Explorer... when I was on windows 8.1 I could debug my Android Studio project, but before it I had installed the adb driver...
    so my question is: do I have to re-install the driver? does this guide work for windows 10?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English!!!

  18. KartKiller
    Cupcake Nov 4, 2015

    KartKiller , Nov 4, 2015 :
    Problem solved... The adb driver were installed, but after the windows update were not configured.

  19. askpcguy
    Jelly Bean Nov 5, 2015

  20. acersahibi77
    Jelly Bean Nov 5, 2015