Third Party Software Installing Whatsapp hard bricked my OPO can't recover due to 8974 msimage looping

  1. Stoer
    Gingerbread Oct 21, 2016

    Stoer , Oct 21, 2016 :
    OPO is almost 2 years old and been a gem :)
    Bought the OP3 and gave my OPO to my son.
    Factory reset and everything was fine for a few weeks, apart from his forgetting to charge it...
    Went to install whatsapp on it for him (mother likes to keep tabs on him ;-) ).
    During installation i saw a message, something like; You're using a custom rom (was just the standard following factory reset and updates), then the OPO crashed and the lights went out.
    I assumed the battery had been low... stuck it on charge over night but the following day i still had a very dead Phone. Wouldn't turn on, no logo's no vibration, absoloutely nothing.
    Thought it might be a dead battery, got this changed but it didn't fix anything - still dead.

    Have been busy for a week reading every thread i can find on hoe to unbrick the OPO.
    I'm using a windows 7 PC, have downloaded the drivers, Color os file and the correct recovery tool for the OPO. I've turned off the windows certificate check as described in all of the guides, i've installed the included qualcom driver and see my Phone under coms as a 9008. The rcovery tool starts... one green line but then dissconects the USB as decribed by another frustrated owner here below.

    "Now for my issue...whenever I try to flash with the Oneplusrestore toolkit or the Mdm chinese toolkit, that wretched 8974_msimage_mbn just keeps on looping and looping over and over, it just disconnects and reconnect the usb. I'm already using admin rights, still the same. I followed the instructions step by step. Drivers are installed(the same drivers people who successfully unbricked their phones used). I'm starting to lose hope, because I see this issue being posted by several other people but no one seems to know how to resolve it."

    I'm basically in the same situation. The recovery tool appears to hang after the first connection to the OPO. Pressing Power plus Vol up reconnects it and the rcovery tool then repaeats the above.

    I've literally tried following dozens of guides - most, if i'm honest are the same guides rewritten, most use exactly the same procedure and tools/drivers.
    After a week of trying i've exhausted all my recources, the guides all assume you fail due to incoorect drivers or assume once you get as far as seeing your OPO in the the rcovery tool that you're one step/click away from recovering your Phone... I wish !

    Anyone able to help??? Could really use a break about now.
    Appreciate that you read this far.

  2. Stoer
    Gingerbread Nov 3, 2016

    Stoer , Nov 3, 2016 :
    Got an RMA and had Oneplus trying remotely to restore my OPO.
    Like me they couldn't get past the loop either.
    oneplus asked me to send my ONO back via DHL to their repair facility in Poland.
    This was on the 27th of October.
    This evening i received a mail from a company called Regensis in warsaw.
    Bad news it seems - my ONO has a damaged main board, isn't covered by warrenty because Regensis claims my phone has "Fluid damage" - in otherwords it got badly wet.... They want €136 for a repair and i have 5 days to make a decision, yes or no.

    The only thing is.... I have never, ever gotten my phone wet. Ever.
    It's been in a case since the day i bought it, it's not used outside when it rains.... i travel alot or am indoors when using my phone.... i just don't use it in the rain; if it rains i get undecover.
    When my OPO died i'd reset to factory and was installing "Whatsapp" - i was giving it to my son as i've just bought a OP3. During the installation of Whatsapp, i saw an error message... "you're using a custom OS...."
    At which point my OPO died.

    Now i know i never got my phone wet, i know i have never dropped it, never spilled anything on it ever....
    but how in god's name do you prove that.
    Regensis sent a photo of an opend up ONO, with what i can only assume is a sensor coloured red inside the phone.
    This is their idea of proving that my phone is damaged through fluid/water spill.
    How the heck do i even know that that is my phone!!

    Because i'm 100% sure my phone has neve rbeen wet and i ask you to suspend your disbelief and scepticism,
    assume please that i am telling the truth here... What the hell am i supposed to do now?
    I pay up and i've been robbed.
    I don't pay up and lose my phone...
    Have 5 days to decide, am sorely tempted to tell them to stuff it, for €136 i can by something second hand for my son to use.... it won't be from oneplus though.

  3. Stoer
    Gingerbread Nov 7, 2016

    Stoer , Nov 7, 2016 :
    Ok seems there's a lot of people fighting the same battle with Customer care.
    Many people disagreeing with the "Fluid contact damage" / "Evidence of water damage" as indicated by a sensor/s inside the casing.
    Amongst the many complaints i 've read on these forums i see a lot of people who claim the sensors are not "Proof" of water damage. That the sensors are also suseptible to condensation / high humidty conditions (Warm + moist) and due to their placement within the case eg one is placed in the top left corner that they are easily triggered by conditions other than fluid ingress.
    Can't find anyone that is satisfied with the repair companies used by Oneplus; mainly because the promissed investigation as to why the phone doesn't work stops imediately that they see a sensor has been coloured. The assumption is always 100% that there has been a fluid / water contact and that will always be the final diagnosis for the faulty phone, regardless of any other issues. Easy, really when this is one of the main conditions for not having to honour a warranty agreement.
    One owner even went as far as legal action - unhappy with the wet sensor diagnosis and at not having received any other proof for his faulty phone; no promissed diagnostic rapport. He looked further into his rights as a customer.
    Interestingly enough he came up with the following... With the OPO there was never a handbook nor the mandatory EU warnings with regards electrical goods, their usage, and their usability in moist / wet conditions (is the phone water proof, or in any way water resistent). Although the handbook was eventually to download, the OPO was never priovided with the legally mandatory usage doccumentation. Using this as legal leverage it would seem he managed after a 3 month fight to have won his case and was given a replacement phone.
    The forums are littered with similar cases, all reflecting a large number of dissatisified and unhappy customers.

    As an early purchaser of the OPO, via invite. I like many others were in the first generation of customers with no previous shared customer service experience. This being so, we had no cutomer service experiences to share, negative or otherwise. A scan through the forums these days would now be enough to put me off trying my luck with this company, there's too many complaints to justify taking the financial risk with a non european company. knowing what i now know i'd rather pay more and take the protection of the very solid consumer protection laws in place here.

    A positive point, well worth mentioning i believe. My OPO lasted 22 months before developing any kind of problem.
    In all that time it was the perfect phone, regularly updated and with the software /os being continually improved.
    I actually loved it as a phone and regard it still as one of my better purchases :); that's why i gave it on to my son, who was thrilled with it for the couple of weeks that it worked for him
    To be honest i'd asumed the warranty was only a year and when i couldn't unbrick it myself was at the point of disposing of it or selling it on for spares. It was only a chance remark on a completely different forum that advised somebody in a very similar situation that they should apply for an RMA seeing that the phone was younger than 2 years old.... I too thought / assumed that repairer's would actually make an effort and really run a diagnostic.
    To discover that "possibly poorly placed sensors" are the first line of defence for Oneplus and the "catch all" for rejecting warranty claims and therefore "saving money" was, well distastefull.... especially after all the Months and Months of "Don't Settle" ... "We're doing this together".... "We listen to you, our customer..."

    I guess that we'd all hoped Oneplus would be the one company that lived up to it's claims, trawlling the net and using searches such as "Oneplus customer support review"...... well i guess this has opened my eyes and rubbed away the naivety. Goodbye Oneplus, hello Samsung,Apple,HTC,Sony,Nokia,etc etc etc

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