Introducing Google One, Stadia, Live Caption for the OnePlus 8 Series and previous OnePlus devices

  1. David Y.
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    David Y. , Apr 14, 2020 :
    [9/9/2020 Edit] Nord device users are eligible for the "3-month trial of Google One with 100 GB of cloud storage" offer now.


    Hi friends,

    Hope everyone had a blast during our launch event! One of the highlights from the keynote was our close partnership with Google. Together with Google, we introduced Google One, Stadia, and Live Caption for the OnePlus 8 Series. But we didn’t forget about our community friends who are still rocking previous OnePlus devices, so we have good news to share with you too.

    Google One
    Google's signature membership program, which provides expanded storage across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and automatic backup of your phone. With Google One, users will be able to store photos, contacts, and more, all safe in the cloud. All OnePlus 8 Series users can enjoy 100 GB of cloud storage for 3 months. But if you are still using an older generation device, you can get 100 GB of cloud storage for 1 month, this is valid from the OnePlus One to the OnePlus 7T Pro.

    [How to redeem]
    • For OnePlus 8 Series users, simply open the Google One app and you will see a gift box screen allowing you to redeem the 3-month trial.
    • For previous OnePlus devices, please install the Google One app first, then you will see a gift box screen and be able to redeem the 1-month trial (Highly recommended for those users who need to backup before sending devices to our repair center).

    Google Stadia
    The revolutionary new cloud gaming service from Google. Stadia gameplay is now available on OnePlus 8 Series, so users can enjoy a selection of blockbuster video games like Doom Eternal on their phone. We are also enabling Stadia gameplay on a selection of other OnePlus devices. Stay tuned on our Community forum as there is more good news to come.

    Note: Stadia is currently available in United States / Canada / United Kingdom / Ireland / France / Italy / Germany / Spain / Netherlands / Belgium / Denmark / Sweden / Norway / Finland.

    Live Caption
    A useful accessibility feature developed by Google. It detects speech in media (audio or video) in your smartphone and automatically generates real-time captions. Live Caption subtitles are created through on-device machine learning, so they work offline and don’t require sending any data about your activity to the cloud. Now experience Live Caption directly on the OnePlus 8 Series and the OnePlus 7/7T Series Open Beta. A selection of other OnePlus devices will be supported soon.

    Partnering with a tech giant like Google has been really rewarding over the years. And people who have benefited the most from this partnership are you and the rest of our community friends. We look forward to bringing you more exciting news soon.

    Stay safe,
    Love from OnePlus
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  5. AlanKir
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    AlanKir , Apr 14, 2020 :
    I love OnePlus and the new series but this 3 months free storage is a joke/marketing for Google, not some real benefit for the user

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    obakesan , Apr 14, 2020 :
    at first I was like, wow. then I was like, wait what IS Google One. Then I was like, ah ok. So can get 3 months free for OP8 or 1 month <8 device. I was like well, ok. Then I checked the price, in UK it's like £1.59 per month for 100GB. so on an older device you save a whopping £1.59 after spending nearly £1,000 on the phone. why bother? what's the point. @David Y.

    Heck, 200GB for a year would still be cheaper than the price of a case for your oneplus 8.

    Anyway, I checked it out with my 7T Pro and I don't see any gift box option or anywhere where you can redeem this?

  11. Blazko666
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    Blazko666 , via OnePlus 6T , Apr 14, 2020 :
    I thought Google was already offering a month free trial option for new subscribers of Google One.. Atleast here in India they are. I had opted for the same some months ago.

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    juangigl , Apr 15, 2020 :
    i didn't not opt for beta in my oneplus 7t, will the LIVE CAPTION feature not be available on my device??? tnx

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