Introducing OnePlus Snowbots

  1. vincent.liu
    Froyo Mar 12, 2020

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    Mar 12, 2020

  3. Loubear
    Honeycomb Mar 12, 2020

    Loubear , Mar 12, 2020 :
    Looks like it has all been rescheduled for this weekend https://twitter.com/OnePlus_UK/status/1238034707511640066

    For OnePlus, I really would like it to work for them. They've obviously invested some money into making this work and it is all a bit of marketing fun.

    I agree, organising such events at the moment is begining to be a right nightmare. I can only imagine those selected were from nearby countries, hoping nobody caught the virus either! Italy and Spanish football leagues are halted, now today the US NBA has been postponed. I wonder how long before the English Premier League get's called off (I hope it doesn't!).

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  4. Ellistar
    Honeycomb Mar 12, 2020

    Ellistar , via OnePlus 6T , Mar 12, 2020 :
    You have to see the irony of the populations of the world only really starting to get how serious this is when football gets cancelled.

    Honestly, sometimes I despair.

  5. Deactivated User
    Mar 12, 2020

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