Introducing: Red Cable Club

  1. L1527040977282
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2020

  2. Syed_Akheel
    Donut Apr 17, 2020

    Syed_Akheel , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 17, 2020 :
    Nilesh you can redeem it by any debit card no charge only rupee 1 will be deducted as verification already I claim the coupon thanks to ONEPLUS

  3. Abd007
    Eclair Apr 19, 2020

  4. danishhazari
    Gingerbread Apr 19, 2020

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  5. K1565236610605
    Eclair Apr 22, 2020

    K1565236610605 , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 22, 2020 :
    worst policy of one plus.
    never gonna buy anything from one plus ever in future.
    I wasted my money on one plus 7 the worst mobile ever and even spent 6000rs for one plus bullet wireless 2. give my money back one plus.

  6. L1570795226340
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2020

    L1570795226340 , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 23, 2020 :
    Hey one plus , I wanted to draw your attention towards adding one feature. I always get disturbed by notification while studying. So can u add one feature like how u have donlike gaming mode .

  7. MohammedDanish
    Donut Apr 23, 2020

    MohammedDanish , via OnePlus 7T , Apr 23, 2020 :
    me too buddy not probelm it's just a basic verion bro it doesn't Support Apex HD audio codec like Bullet wireless 2 just check once One plus official website and see the comparison you will satisfy

  8. Aryan Chabra
    Froyo Apr 24, 2020

    Aryan Chabra , via OnePlus 7T , Apr 24, 2020 :
    it already includes a work mode to block notifications.

  9. L1570795226340
    Cupcake Apr 24, 2020

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  10. D1577098373212
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2020

    D1577098373212 , Apr 25, 2020 :
    Hi Guys...my step counter is not working on my oneplus 7. many a times I have called to customer care but after trying many ways got no solution. probably it happened after the updating to the latest version Oxygen Os.

  11. Atanu Maji
    Honeycomb Apr 26, 2020

    Atanu Maji , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 26, 2020 :
    Install Google Fit and walk inside your house to check if the accelerometer is working properly or not.
    Or, you can take help to diagnose your device in OnePlus care app or, sensor testing app available in Playstore.

  12. yjosh.135
    Donut Apr 26, 2020

    yjosh.135 , via OnePlus 6T , Apr 26, 2020 :
    I am not abl to join red club since it started. tried multiple times... even after resetting the phone to factory settings... please suggest...

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  13. L1570795226340
    Cupcake Apr 28, 2020

    L1570795226340 , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 28, 2020 :
    When u get the next update message u update ur phone and then link it with red cable membership

  14. TribhuwanPunetha
    Donut May 8, 2020

  15. T1570937127219
    Cupcake May 13, 2020

  16. Syed_Akheel
    Donut May 15, 2020

  17. lool_no_one , via OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue , May 18, 2020 :
    I have tried to get the membership but it's always showing me that my device has to be updated. it is on the latest version of 10.3.2. I have also linked my community app and OnePlus care to the same account and my device (7pro) shows up on both. What should I do now? Also, I bought the device in India and I'm currently in india.


  18. Simran K
    OnePlus Bug Hunter Staff Member May 18, 2020

    Simran K , May 18, 2020 :
    Thanks for bringing this concern to our notice.We would like to check this further and require more details regarding this. We've got in touch with you via personal conversation and hope you would get back to us at the earliest.

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    Cupcake May 19, 2020