Introducing Red Cable Privé by OnePlus

  1. Joel Jacob
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    Joel Jacob , Sep 11, 2020 :
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    Hey everyone,

    2020 has been a mixed bag for everyone amidst unprecedented uncertainty. For OnePlus, it has been a challenging yet exciting year. We’ve successfully been able to launch our new flagship smartphones, the OnePlus 8 Series, our new OnePlus TV series, two new audio accessories with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z and OnePlus Buds, and also a whole new smartphone lineup with the OnePlus Nord - making it the most anticipated product on Amazon.in.

    Throughout the years, we’ve been grateful to continue receiving support from the community even in uncertain times. And this keeps us going. Because of this, we’re also constantly working on giving back to the community. When we started Red Cable Club last year in December, our goal was to bring together a collective of inspired individuals who were passionate about tech and present them with an exclusive set of benefits with OnePlus. As Red Cable Club grew, we’ve been able to create with the community and bring a number of updates with benefits and experiences.

    As we move ahead this year, we want to give back to the community in a much more rewarding manner.

    Introducing Red Cable Privé by OnePlus - a dedicated member only platform to reward the OnePlus community, to get the best of benefits and experiences under the OnePlus ecosystem – rewards that can benefit you instantly as well as in the long run. Community has formed an integral part of the brand OnePlus, and we have strived to provide the best offerings. With Red Cable Privé , we want to take our community focus a step ahead. Here, as you grow with the community, you will be able to accumulate a set of reward points, called RedCoins, which would be your key to access the best kind of benefits from OnePlus and select partner brands. In addition to introductory RedCoins, you can earn many more RedCoins by participating in Red Cable Privé & Red Cable Club community initiatives.

    Benefits of Red Cable Privé will be accessible to all Red Cable Club members.

    Stay tuned on our channels to know more. We’ll reveal all the offers and benefits on 14 Sep, 9 AM onwards.

    More on RedCoins

    You can get RedCoins through various activities on Red Cable Privé. Here are some examples:
    1. 1000 RedCoins on joining Red Cable Privé by agreeing to T&C

    2. 1000 RedCoins on profile completion

    3. 1000 RedCoins for linking up to 4 devices to your Red Cable Club membership

    4. 2500 RedCoins on Birthday & 1000 RedCoins on Membership anniversary

    5. On purchase of any benefit/product via cash, you receive RedCoins equivalent to your cash spend

    6. Participating in certain activities on Red Cable Privé would also fetch you some RedCoins

    Note that RedCoins can only be earned for the first 4 devices linked in a year starting from the date of first device registration.

    RedCoins are valid for a year, and will expire after 12 months on the last day of the month of issue. For example, if the coins are issued on 1 Jan 2020, they will be valid until 31 Jan 2021 mid-night. These RedCoins are absolutely free, and you won’t be charged for it. Speaking of RedCoins, we have a welcome surprise for you! Red Cable Club users have the opportunity to win upto 99,999 RedCoins - which would be enough to let you grab your favorite set of benefits for the next few months!

    We can’t wait for you to experience Red Cable Privé on 14 Sep, 9 AM onwards.

    There’s no additional set-up required. All you got to do is head to Red Cable Club homepage on your device and tap on the Red Cable Privé banner.

    P.S. Watch this space tomorrow, we will be revealing our first co-branded merchandise for Red Cable Privé .

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    SRD. , Sep 12, 2020 :
    Hello @Joel Jacob This one looks great.
    What I understood , it's India only community forum.
    Yesterday I could access it, today can't.
    Let's see what is in it for us on 14th.

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    K1ngP1n , Sep 12, 2020 :
    2 min silence in advance for those guys who think they will get free things just using those coins :p:D

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    Varsha12345678 , via OnePlus 6 , Sep 12, 2020 :
    Very very very much exited for red cable privé by oneplus.
    Oneplus well going well by this privé many red cable club member can took benifits of it .. thank you oneplus for this.
    Can't wait .. soooooooo much exited.

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