Introducing "The Notification Star Priority" #PMChallenge

  1. LeoChand Cupcake Feb 20, 2019

    LeoChand, Feb 20, 2019 :
    Hello there, here is my take for #PMChallenge.


    Every day we get tons of notifications which flooded our notification area. Out of those streams of notification, few are essential for us every time and the rest not so useful especially when you are in rush but to find which matters most for you is a tedious task This is where my idea "The Notification STAR Priority" (Draft name) takes place. Basically it divide your notification area into two parts one is " Priority" other one is "Others".
    Lets go through in depth.
    Scenario 1
    When you don't have any notification.


    Scenario 2

    When you got plenty of notification. -_-


    Its mess right? How can we overcome to this common yet underrated problem? Well here 'The Notification STAR Priority" takes place. Before we see what it really does lets first enable it from a toggle.


    As soon as you enable the toggle Your notification area will divided with two option. One is " Priority" other one is "Others" [Please refer to the image down below]


    In the "Priority" section You will get only important notification such as phone notification, messages, alarm etc and the one you allowed to this section. Please refer to the image down below.


    And what about other notification? Well, it oblivious it will placed in the "Others" section. Please refer to the image down below.


    Total we got 11 notification. out of which 2s are important so it was placed in "Priority" section and rest was placed in others. You can see the indicators indicate how many of notification you got in the respective field.

    It does not only solve the biggest problem that Android users ever had but also it will change how you handle the notification forever.


    Nope, No feature in any-smart phone is similar to what I just proposed here. I believe it will beneficial to us once it implemented.

    [All the images are mine taken from an Android One device and modified with according to the feature which I suggested above. My uncle took my OnePlus6 (because he lost his phone) that's why I could't able to make the screenshot with OnePlus6.]

    I always finding a way to simplify the thing which we do often and for this "The Notification STAR Priority" I given many time/thought but never had any opportunity to show- case whats I comes up with by the way Thanks to you guys for giving us the opportunity to submit our ideas. :)
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  2. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan Lollipop Feb 24, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan, Feb 24, 2019 :
    This is a beautiful idea. It can be improved, but impressive idea nonetheless.

    How would the system know what is important (priority) and what should go under “others”?

    Here are my suggestions for improvement:

    These should be 2 categories:
    • Persistent
    • Snoozed

    All current notifications will continue to appear like it is showing normally. Swiping them half way now shows “snooze” and “settings” option.

    There should be two more options. A third option should be to “MUTE” notifications at the app level for a certain amount of time (this was suggested by one of our users here). The fourth option should be to move a notification into the persistent category. For example, I like the Google weather notification to be pinned, but there is no way to do that currently.

    Snoozing would simply move them to the “snoozed” tab so we can always quickly see the pending (actionable) notifications.

    As to what would go under priority - we should be able to select the apps under settings/ apps & notifications.

    Notifications from priority apps will always appear on top of all notifications.

    Those from the rest will be appear below with a different background. For example, if using light theme, all priority notifications will have white background and the others would have a light grey background, clearly distinguishing between the two categories. Likewise, a similar implementation can be used for dark/ black themes.

    Rest of the features (swiping to dismiss, etc.) will remain the same.

    I find my notification area already cluttered with some of the persistent notifications. I have for long requested for an option to replace all persistent notifications with one bar showing just the icons of apps with persistent notifications. Clicking on it should show more details like it is now. Here are some suggestions proposed earlier:


    Great idea. Impressed.
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  3. _Arundhati_ Eclair Mar 3, 2019