Introducing the OnePlus 3T

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  1. Carl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2016

    Carl , Nov 15, 2016 :


    We're excited to be back again with the OnePlus 3T.

    The OnePlus 3 has been our most successful phone so far, and we could have chosen to be satisfied with the OnePlus 3's success. But our mantra to Never Settle means that we always work to improve the user experience for our fans.

    We developed the OnePlus 3T hand in hand with our fans, packing it with key improvements that couldn't be pushed out through software update releases. We're excited for you to experience the OnePlus 3T's new Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 processor and many other upgrades. Check out the following video for more details.

    OxygenOS in the OnePlus 3T is our best version yet. It's faster, cleaner and more customizable, thanks to your feedback from the Beta program. Learn about some of the upgrades we've introduced to OxygenOS in the video below.

    OnePlus 3 users, rest assured: we consider the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T to be two versions of the same phone, so software updates will follow the same schedule. Android Nougat will come to both phones later this year.

    The OnePlus 3T comes in a bold Gunmetal color, with two options for storage: 64GB and 128GB. Purchase yours on OnePlus.net starting on November 22 (US) and November 28 (EU), starting from USD 439 / EUR 439 / GBP 399. You'll also be able to buy the 64GB Soft Gold edition of the OnePlus 3T shortly after launch. See the phone for yourself on the OnePlus 3T product page.

    We're eager to hear your thoughts on the OnePlus 3T! A few fans have already shared their impressions. If you missed their video reviews during our community-powered launch, you can check them out here.

    Never Settle.
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  2. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Nov 15, 2016

    Alvie , Nov 15, 2016 :
    Never Settle!

    Not going to upgrade from my OnePlus 3 though (that's not what it's meant for).

    If you're coming from a OnePlus X or OnePlus One or OnePlus 2, and looking for a phone, then this could be it :)
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  3. MNavy_
    KitKat Nov 15, 2016

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  4. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Marshmallow Nov 15, 2016

    Maximus Decimus Meridius , Nov 15, 2016 :
    Will there be an AMA on reddit too @Carl?

    Thanks for the launch :)

    439euro's! Hmmmm... I wonder how much my OP3 is worth on the market now :)
    And how much is the 128gb?

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  5. SteakHutzee
    Nov 15, 2016

  6. RossThompson96
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2016

  7. Bradon H
    Honeycomb Nov 15, 2016

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  8. runboy93
    Jelly Bean Nov 15, 2016

    runboy93 , Nov 15, 2016 :
    Soft Gold doesn't come as 128GB?

    All ports / cameras at same spot? Will Tudia OMNIX case fit with it?

  9. funmunke
    Marshmallow Nov 15, 2016

  10. Deepak.Si
    KitKat Nov 15, 2016

  11. Radeon962
    KitKat Nov 15, 2016

    Radeon962 , Nov 15, 2016 :
    Price is falling as the announcement carries on.

  12. xmichael2008x
    Froyo Nov 15, 2016

    xmichael2008x , Nov 15, 2016 :
    Honestly, I would of preferred if you guys would of just launched your product on the forums via this post instead of that *** "community-powered event" we just witnessed on Facebook. Holy cow that was painful, who is responsible for the production of that event?

  13. dosonzzz2
    Jelly Bean Nov 15, 2016

  14. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Nov 15, 2016

  15. chirag343
    Donut Nov 15, 2016

  16. 2emkay
    Gingerbread Nov 15, 2016

  17. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 15, 2016

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  18. Shripad
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 15, 2016

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  19. biggreen
    Froyo Nov 15, 2016

  20. SpartanPlusOne
    Eclair Nov 15, 2016

    SpartanPlusOne , Nov 15, 2016 :
    Disappointed! Having purchased the OP3 in August and now you're telling that my phone is the second best? I think you have lost me on this one.