Introducing the OnePlus 5T

  1. Carl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2017

    Carl , Nov 16, 2017 :


    We're excited to announce our latest flagship: The OnePlus 5T. It's the follow-up to an excellent product and what has been an exceptional year for all of us. We're incredibly grateful for all the support you’ve shown us. OnePlus is your company as much as it is ours.

    With the OnePlus 5T, we are once again aiming to deliver a definitive OnePlus flagship. The OnePlus 5T features some of the finest smartphone innovations available to date: a near boundless 18:9 display for immersive viewing and improved 16+20 MP Dual Camera for effortless clarity. High-end hardware and incredibly smooth software come together for a phenomenal user experience.

    Experience the best version yet of OxygenOS on the OnePlus 5T. Our operating system feels light and clean, thanks to your feedback from the Beta program. It's the stock Android you know and love, refined with a few new surprises. Fans around the world have helped improve ROM for our global users, so that every feature we develop stays true to the pillars of OxygenOS: reliable, efficient, fast, and user-driven.

    Two models of the OnePlus 5T in Midnight Black will be available:128GB or 64GB. The OnePlus 5T will be available at oneplus.net on November 21, starting from 499 USD/ 499 Euros. Check out the phone for yourself on the OnePlus 5T product page.

    Again, thank you for helping us get this far. Your support inspires us to work hard every day to improve your device experience. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on the OnePlus 5T.

    Never Settle.

    P.S. For those of you in Europe: the OnePlus team will be in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki and London on November 21. Come hang out with us, experience our latest flagship in person and purchase our device on the spot. For more information, visit oneplus.net/5t-popups.

  2. Jeevan4466
    Eclair Nov 16, 2017

  3. luxuskamel
    Marshmallow Nov 16, 2017

    luxuskamel , Nov 16, 2017 :
    Thanks for the cool presentation!

    Will face unlock feature also work on "older" devices like the OP5?

  4. GopalB.
    Nougat Nov 16, 2017

    GopalB. , Nov 16, 2017 :
    So this is what hype train looks like...
    And now the number of threads of disappointed oneplus 5 users will increase...
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  5. Unusual_guy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2017

  6. smartbuddy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2017

    smartbuddy , Nov 16, 2017 :
    Great looking Phone, 5T !

    Pls bring Face Unlock to OnePlus 5 also as a gift as OP5 users also paid same price which 5T users will pay now!

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  7. SnapDragon_01
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2017

  8. Markus_Lugert
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

  9. Jeevan4466
    Eclair Nov 16, 2017

  10. vhc
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2017

    vhc , Nov 16, 2017 :
    that face unlock demo was... LOL the phone was even locked??

  11. luxuskamel
    Marshmallow Nov 16, 2017

  12. denracer
    Froyo Nov 16, 2017

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  13. tbalnt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2017

    tbalnt , Nov 16, 2017 :
    I can already see sad oneplus 5 owners crying about the price of the 5T and the upcoming lack of support of their devices.

  14. eashwar14
    Froyo Nov 16, 2017

    eashwar14 , Nov 16, 2017 :
    please respect the old customers of OP5 with extra features like low *light portraits* and *face unlock*.
    why because we also paid you the same amount of 5T.
    iam expecting the Updates from you in this regards.

  15. tbalnt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2017

  16. GopalB.
    Nougat Nov 16, 2017

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  17. DrAakash
    Jelly Bean Nov 16, 2017

  18. Rocky Malik
    Cupcake Nov 16, 2017

    Rocky Malik , Nov 16, 2017 :
    love with One+ and even many of my friends having iPhone appreciate one+ and most of the time they use my oneplus 5 for taking pictures...

  19. Shivang Joshi
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Nov 16, 2017

    Shivang Joshi , Nov 16, 2017 :
    I would have really got it, if I didn't had my OnePlus 5 right now! [e]270c[/e]️[e]1f525[/e]

  20. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 16, 2017

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