Introducing the OnePlus Switch

  1. G_deepak_lahoti_gQol
    Cupcake Feb 4, 2018

  2. BeingIncog
    Nougat Feb 4, 2018

    BeingIncog , Feb 4, 2018 :
    is this issue related to this thread? no!
    also don't make unnecessary threads, just search!

  3. distorter
    Donut Feb 5, 2018

    distorter , Feb 5, 2018 :
    Did Oreo update fix this? I assume it would going backwards android version, probably didn't like that.

  4. danny jraige
    Eclair Feb 5, 2018

    danny jraige , Feb 5, 2018 :
    not showing in app store says unavailable and can't click install link in forum any other way to get this app

  5. F_Alauddin_Akash_LNID
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 9, 2018

  6. spermonster
    Cupcake Feb 11, 2018

  7. rhq15
    Froyo Feb 12, 2018

    rhq15 , Feb 12, 2018 :
    This is an amazing addition to the app. However as it's a new feature, it IS pretty buggy. I started backing up my phone and then decided to cancel midway so I pressed the cancel button. A loading symbol popped up and stayed there however the app wouldn't stop backing up the phone in the background and the backup percentage kept increasing. I closed out of the app and opened up a normal texting app to go on with my day. The phone began completely glitching out. The screen went black and vibrated once or twice. Then the unlock pin came up but the background was completely black, the only thing visible was the number pad. After typing in my pin code the app repeated the exact same thing again. I typed my pin code again and this time Finally the app actually closed out. Very weird glitch, hope you look into it but I have to say, the simplicity of the app is very appealing. Keep it up OnePlus

  8. errror631
    Donut Feb 12, 2018

    errror631 , Feb 12, 2018 :
    There is good new offline backup option in OnePlus Switch app and it's great. But I need enough space on my mobile device to Backup and then I need to copy this backup file to my Laptop.
    Could you please make a desktop version of this app so that I can backup entire phone directly to my Laptop, like itunes do with ios?
    I think this is very useful function.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. G_Andrey_Tyurin_QStX
    Cupcake Feb 12, 2018

  10. rephaelhermon
    Honeycomb Feb 14, 2018

    rephaelhermon , Feb 14, 2018 :
    Very nice! I have an Asus Zenfone Zoom that I've used for a couple of years, but the battery is dying bad and Asus has dropped support for it. I'm anxious to get my 2nd OP device. (don't know what it'll be yet, I used to have a OnePlus X which I loved). I have an iPhone SE that I can't wait to replace. I'm using that mainly due to a good working battery.

  11. Lazaros32
    Cupcake Feb 16, 2018

    Lazaros32 , Feb 16, 2018 :
    How and where to find the backup done on the 5T so as to be able to transfer it to our PC?

  12. VivKed
    Froyo Feb 17, 2018

    VivKed , Feb 17, 2018 :
    app crashes when taking backup, after reaching around 94%
    using op5 latest update done..... anyway out?

  13. biharydani
    Froyo Feb 18, 2018

  14. startlord
    Cupcake Feb 19, 2018

    startlord , Feb 19, 2018 :
    Are you guys ever planning to release a oneplus switch app for IOS so that I can transfer my data from iphone to my new oneplus 5T?

    [QUOT E="Gary C., post: 17474591, member: 1164494"] View attachment 664114


    We are happy to announce our new migration app, the OnePlus Switch [Google Play Store Link]. Since a lot of you are joining our family, we wanted to make the transition a little easier.

    With the OnePlus Switch app, you can transfer all your files to your new OnePlus phone in a single, simple process. Install Switch app on your new phone and your previous device to start the migration process. From there, all you have to do is scan the QR code to pair and choose which items you want to transfer.

    Currently, you can transfer: Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Photos, Videos, Audio and applications (without data). We are already working on new updates for more support - such as Wi-Fi history, Camera settings, Apps data, and more.

    One of our goals for OxygenOS is an easy-to-use software experience. The OnePlus Switch app is our first iteration, only for devices running Android 6.0 or higher. Future updates will offer support for older versions and iOS.

    Your opinions will help contribute to improved features in the upcoming releases. Keep an eye for updates and let us know in the comments your first impressions!

    Never Settle

  15. GGreg
    Eclair Feb 22, 2018

    GGreg , Feb 22, 2018 :
    This app is pretty terrible. Instead of telling you that it can't transfer all the data selected, and allowing you to calmly deselect some items to reach the maximum allowable volume for transfer, it erroneously insists that there is "not enough space".

    And why exactly is there a limit to how much data to transfer???

  16. rephaelhermon
    Honeycomb Feb 22, 2018

  17. Chungtd
    Gingerbread Feb 26, 2018

    Chungtd , Feb 26, 2018 :
    I created a backup file, how can I copy it to my PC then later, I can restore the back-up?

  18. cooki1977n
    Eclair Mar 5, 2018

    cooki1977n , Mar 5, 2018 :
    Fatal Error.... press crt alt suppr ! lol

  19. cooki1977n
    Eclair Mar 5, 2018

    cooki1977n , Mar 5, 2018 :
    Yes! Same question for me today!

    I don't find the file on my phone to copy it on my computer.

  20. cooki1977n
    Eclair Mar 5, 2018