Introducing the OnePlus TV

  1. K1566101015318
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

  2. gamer28389393 , via OnePlus 7 Pro Mirror Gray , Sep 28, 2019 :
    aytu bidappa odibeda

  3. CooperStation
    Donut Sep 28, 2019

    CooperStation , Sep 28, 2019 :
    no I understand that but do we not get even a regular stand with the regular tv?

  4. swaraj_c.r.
    Gingerbread Sep 28, 2019

  5. F1568601907598
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

    F1568601907598 , Sep 28, 2019 :
    please... help...
    what are the difference between these two models?
    how can I get one plus TV in Bangladesh?

  6. Vesko G.
    Froyo Sep 28, 2019

  7. Sumit016
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

    Sumit016 , Sep 28, 2019 :
    Just Ordered OnePlus TV Q1 from Amazon..
    Please tell me how much time We will have to wait for Netflix..??

  8. Sumit016
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

  9. sonyrex
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

    sonyrex , Sep 28, 2019 :
    How can you sell a TV without a table stand? Not everybody has the facility or requirement for a wall mounting. Why is Q1 available without TV Stand? I don't think any TV Manufacturer sells a TV without a stand. It's like selling a watch without it's strap. When I call Amazon customer care they say that the product is coming like that and they don't have any more information. When I call One Plus Customer care they say we need to purchase stand separately from Amazon and that only Amazon can provide that information. The TV stand is not available in Amazon to buy as well. Both the parties are lifting up their hands on this issue. Very poor customer service. Pathetic launch management. Least expected from One Plus. I followed the launch event thoroughly and visited the pop up store at Hyderabad yesterday as well. The only difference between Q1and Q1pro communicated at both the events were of the sound bar missing in Q1. No where was it mentioned that they would not be supplying the Table stand with the TV as well. This is pure misinformation. I have been a great One plus Fan and have used many of their mobile phones and influenced my friends to but them as well. Infact my partner is buying a Q1pro model along with me. But this has been a shocker to me. Very Bad Experience with One Plus.

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  10. hemnathad
    Eclair Sep 28, 2019

  11. camohan
    Nougat Moderator Sep 28, 2019

    camohan , Sep 28, 2019 :
    I'm interested in knowing the after sales support and warranty information about the TV.

  12. E Ravitheja
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

    E Ravitheja , Sep 28, 2019 :
    where should we purchase OnePlus dock or table top stand

  13. E Ravitheja
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

    E Ravitheja , Sep 28, 2019 :
    how to purchase OnePlus stand or dock?

  14. Siddhartha Taneja
    Eclair Sep 28, 2019

    Siddhartha Taneja , Sep 28, 2019 :
    I enquired amazon customer care, but they don't have any details as of now, they asked me to enquire it from oneplus, but I'm pretty sure it will be soon available over amazon, as it's listed there if you search from web browser.

  15. mayankkumar
    Honeycomb Sep 28, 2019

  16. sonyrex
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2019

    sonyrex , Sep 28, 2019 :

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  17. sand_Rr
    Donut Sep 28, 2019

  18. Siddhartha Taneja
    Eclair Sep 28, 2019

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