Invites for a cause extension idea

  1. ip9
    Gingerbread Jun 15, 2014

    ip9 , Jun 15, 2014 :
    We see some good charity initiatives from time to time, like project red and OPO's invites for a cause. But I often think that when a manufacturer brings a new product to market where demand initially outstrips supply all they do is provide a secondary market for (sometimes shady) 3rd parties to make money, whether it's a new Ferrari, rolex, or the latest gadget. There is always someone prepared to pay over the odds to be an early adopter of a non-essential item.

    Why not start selling limited amount at a premium to RRP where the difference goes to a charity (a choice could be offered to the buyer), this premium is slowly reduced as production ramps up to provide enough stock for general release. That way the early adopters stay happy and the extra cash makes its way to a good cause rather than 3rd parties and ebay/paypal.

    *yes there is a chance that the same 3rd parties may buy the premium priced early phones to try and sell on, but that's more of a risk to them, as they are aware of the eventual RRP, and if the premium reduced every day/week as general availability approaches they may be left with overpriced stock they can't sell.