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  1. Carl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 25, 2014

    Carl , Oct 25, 2014 :

    Let me first start by wishing you a (belated) very happy Diwali! From everyone at OnePlus, we hope it was filled with joy, light and family.

    Another week is now gone meaning we’re one week closer to bringing the One to India.

    We’ve made tremendous progress in just the last week and are grateful to all of our partners who took time during their holiday to help us move this forward. We’ll be ready to share some very exciting updates with you in the coming weeks. But for now, we wanted to talk a little about how you’ll be able to get the One in India.

    As with our current launch countries, Indian users will be able to purchase the One with an India specific invite. Invites have been immensely helpful for us thus far in our current launch countries. They allow us to control our inventory, scale our team and support services to grow along with demand and create an overall better experience for those users with the One. As this is our first experience with the Indian market, we didn’t want to be too ambitious. We are more concerned with offering outstanding service and experiences for users than getting the One in as many hands as possible. It will take us some time to learn and the invites are a great way for us to do that.

    Don’t worry. Invites will be neither scarce nor impossible to come by. We’ll also be working with a local partner for an even easier way to get your hands on the One. In addition, invites will also be available through our forums and social media channels… but more information on that a bit later.

    The invite system may not stay in place forever. We’re brand new to the region and need to control our risks. However, we will quickly learn and adapt to make sure we’re always doing our best for our Indian fans. For now, though, we hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. We’re excited to see you soon!

  2. Akshay 1+1
    Gingerbread Oct 25, 2014

  3. Akshay 1+1
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  4. rahulsingh882142
    Honeycomb Oct 25, 2014

    rahulsingh882142 , Oct 25, 2014 :
    not the invites again, i received an invite a few days ago and it has gone to waste, what happened to the prerecord system? no offence but you are really gonna make people angry , we have waited months only to find out the godforsaken invite system is back on

  5. therohanchawla
    Froyo Oct 25, 2014

    therohanchawla , Oct 25, 2014 :
    So glad to hear this......... Can I pre-order an invite..... lol......... I would be glad if you could send it to *removed*
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  6. ku atone
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  7. SachinJED
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  8. rochak
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  9. Pratham Prakash Gupta
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  10. pranav_c
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  11. modi786
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  12. maheshwari.prince
    Donut Oct 25, 2014

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  13. pruthv
    Donut Oct 25, 2014

    pruthv , Oct 25, 2014 :
    I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad with this update!
    Actually, I've a OnePlus in my cart but unable to checkout as OnePlus store in under maintenance. Store will up and running after Pre-orders starts. Now, I'm bit confused whether I should buy it as store opens again, Ship to parcel forwarding company in USA and pay bit large amount customs, taxes, shipping cost, etc. or else wait in the large queue of Indians with this 'Special Invite'?!
    @Carl can u help me out of this?

  14. Nilesh Sajnani
    KitKat Oct 25, 2014

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  15. manosome
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  17. vimal369
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  18. Prabuflash
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  19. vivek0ch
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  20. brockyyyy
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