IPhone 6 is the best Smartphone!!!


What is better?

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  1. IPhone

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  2. Any Androiddevice ( i'm a moron)

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  1. Carniveau
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2014

    Carniveau , Jun 3, 2014 :
    I'd rather watch an hd projected film on Steve Jobs Balls than view anything on an apple product.

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  2. Friendofoblivious
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

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  3. testdummy
    Froyo Jun 3, 2014

  4. userkens
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

  5. auggie246
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

    auggie246 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    I can buy 3 OPO in my country with the iPhone $$,
    Looks good -Yes
    iOS - Features... MEH
    Price - _|_

  6. swent
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

    swent , Jun 3, 2014 :
    Not sure if this is a troll post:
    You are really responding to pixel density? Wow, thats just you being a brainwashed fanboy of apple. You know, you spread all this hate and tell us to look in the mirror and admit that iPhone is the best but you clearly can't do the same for others. It has been proven multiple times that the human eye can see differences up to like 700dpi or something. But you clearly got it all figured out, apple tells you that their retina resolution is the perfect resolution and we can't see any more difference to higher pixel denisity. Well here is news to you: Apple is just marketing like any other buisness, telling false things just to trick customers into buying stuff. You are pathetic in your blind loyality to iPhones.

    I really am happy that someone like you leaves this forum. I can admit that iPhones shine in some scenarios, in others they lack behind. So no, Android is not horribly programmed, its programmed to run on a very wide variety of devices. It has better Multitasking capabilities and a open nature that allows real tech experts and IT freaks to do anything with the device. Things iPhone users will never be able to. I'm happy that your needs are fully satisfied with an iPhone, mine are not. I'm not that kind of primitive and conservative user that you seem to be. I could never settle for such an restricted, shallow operating system linked with a manufacturer that trys to trick people into thinking that they are worse humans if they don't have an iPhone. Apple has been abusing that marketing strategy for too long, I could never buy something from a company like that. Glad you are not intelligent enough to see it. be gone now!

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  7. bp328i
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

    bp328i , Jun 3, 2014 :
    There is nothing about any iPhone that beats any Android phone of the same specs.

    Apple is doing nothing but playing catch up to Android now, and they will NEVER catch Android ever again, only copy them!

    Apple is nothing more than a company TRYING to stay relevant.

  8. nomadism
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2014

    nomadism , Jun 3, 2014 :
    iPhone is great. I just think OPO (and generally android phones) are simply better :p

  9. nicoletoledo24
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

    nicoletoledo24 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    No offence but They werent the first touch screen. They werent the first video chat or facetime If you fancy it thats way. But the did on helllavu design on the first one and after that what? Exactly. Theyre going to call their new larger model innovation. Apple is poop.

  10. khan.sameer295
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

    khan.sameer295 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    it is not about whether one can afford it or not, you are disrespecting those who genuinely cannot afford an iphone.. there are many reasons, like we know that ios has many restrictions , so they go for an android for a better control over their devices, without any restrictions, while some people want a large screen phone so they buy an android... but still i agree android has many bugs, .. ios is indeed the best, no tablet can be compared to the performance we get on an ipad, and yes, i was waiting desperately for a larger screen iphone , so wll surely grab one whenever available...

  11. FourZer0
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

    FourZer0 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    Obvious troll is... ah, nevermind, just continue war please.

    Also, I can't resist,
    "Everything beyond 4.7 Inches is too big for a Smartphone."
    Explain the 5.5" iPhone 5

    "oh and have fun with your high Resolution screens where you actually won't recognize any difference compared to the res which the iphone 6 will have but which will drain you battery very nicely and same for your "high end" processors... No matter how fast the processors will be android will never run as fluent as the iOS because android was horribly programmed and designed and always will stay a fail with the "phones"(better tablets) using it."
    High res screens have been proven to make a pretty noticeable difference. We have pretty nice sized batteries, get about the same or better than iPhones. Why is "high end" in quotation marks? The OPO is more powerful than my laptop. Horribly programmed is just completely false, you're telling me Google, a company that changed your life, makes bad code? Do you even know what that is? Because iOS has 136 vulnerabilities, compared to Android's 13.

    Alright, now that I've fed the troll, I'm out.

  12. locklear308
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

  13. locklear308
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

    locklear308 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    Because people are cheap and companies make garbage quality devices.

  14. definitelynotgeorge
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

  15. locklear308
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

  16. definitelynotgeorge
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

  17. definitelynotgeorge
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2014

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  18. locklear308
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

    locklear308 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    Acceptance is key, now it is time to learn and change.

  19. falkor164
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2014

  20. locklear308
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2014

    locklear308 , Jun 3, 2014 :
    OH! My bad bro. haha