iphone 6s a flagship phone.... maybe in 2012

  1. petext
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 10, 2015

    petext , Sep 10, 2015 :

  2. jsims19pe
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 10, 2015

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  3. somnathmukher
    Jelly Bean Sep 10, 2015

    somnathmukher , Sep 10, 2015 :
    Screen resolution is pretty good on iPhone. I always prefer better battery over screen resolution.

  4. gringoboy
    Lollipop Sep 10, 2015

    gringoboy , Sep 10, 2015 :
    Iphones work. When they have bugs, they get fixed. Android phones don't. Mobile radio bug?
    They work very well, and have an excellent ecosystem with Apps that actually work without destroying your battery. Specs are for dumbass people. It's about functionality.

  5. supaburger
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2015

    supaburger , Sep 11, 2015 :
    so what the hell are you doing here?
    why even bother wasting time in this forum let alone spending money in a product that won't do what you want.
    also i agree with you is about functionality that's why apple keeps taking useful features that android had for years and pretending that they invented those.

  6. geraldcortez
    Jelly Bean Sep 11, 2015

    geraldcortez , Sep 11, 2015 :
    I've been an android user since the very first Android phone, the HTC G1... been a loyal Samsung user for the past 3 years, my last 2 phones are the OPO and a Nexus 6 (current).... I recently bought an iPad Air 2 few months ago, and the experience with iOS is just sooo different compared to Android.. I agree that you can not customize iOS that much, but it just works.. it just ******* works fine... and now I'm thinking of getting the iPhone 6s Plus.. or the Moto X.

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  7. supaburger
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2015

    supaburger , Sep 11, 2015 :
    this "just works" slogan is so stupid
    also android works wtf

  8. vampire36
    Froyo Sep 11, 2015

    vampire36 , Sep 11, 2015 :
    @supaburger : Are you dumb ? Do you have any idea what you are talking ? My desktop is quad core and my nexus 4 is quad core too does it mean my N4 is as fast as my desktop pc ?
    Apple os as they have their own hardware and software apps runtime environment is entirely different so A9 processor of 6s even though dual core can stand up if not beat the top end android phones...
    If you see the benchmarks their single core and graphics is awesome in spite of the spec...
    Finally do you think if spec weren't great the most graphics intensive games which lag on android phones would work on iphones smooth ?
    You are comparing apples to oranges :p
    Their camera again 8mp was way better till s6 came along and now with 12mp lets see how it holds up...while moto x with 21 ain't that good...so specs don't matter always..!

    Btw ya I have nexus 4 android fan here and don't like the pricing of apple especially in India but wanted to let you know that not liking and talking shit about something you don't understand are 2 things :)
    Finally they are a nice firm...lot of people love apple and enjoy it...but for us it doesn't match our taste so we are on android side. But at the end we should be open minded rather than act as fanboys and fanatics :p

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  9. Deactivated User
    Sep 11, 2015

  10. gjdass
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2015

  11. geraldcortez
    Jelly Bean Sep 11, 2015

    geraldcortez , Sep 11, 2015 :
    Like what I posted, I've been an Android user since the first Android phone in 2008... and I just recently used iOS a few months ago via iPad Air 2... and for every issue that comes up, Apple immediately sends out an update (I'm impressed), unlike Android (except Nexus devices) where you have to wait forever to get an update for some bugs fix... so yeah, it just works..

    Oh btw, I also mentioned that my last 2 phones are OPO and Nexus 6... the reason I ditched OPO and used Nexus 6 instead is... guess what... updates...

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  12. saintforlife
    Gingerbread Sep 11, 2015

    saintforlife , Sep 11, 2015 :
    Ignore him. He is a delusional Android fanboy bringing a bad name to the rest of the folks. He just can't come to accept that Apple puts out great products it their own right.

  13. saintforlife
    Gingerbread Sep 11, 2015

    saintforlife , Sep 11, 2015 :
    Yeah, like 3D Touch. Got it. I am sure Samsung and LG and OPO and the Nexus devices have had this feature for years, but for some reason people just didn't use it.

  14. Deactivated User
    Sep 11, 2015

  15. vampire36
    Froyo Sep 11, 2015

    vampire36 , Sep 11, 2015 :
    Exactly just cos Apple doesn't create new features you don't always need innovative features you need solid stable ones which apple churns out. I mean live photos was there since HTC Zoe days but how many people actually used it ? Now with live photos people would actually start using it maybe the way they marketed maybe refined or maybe timing whatever you say. Apple knows to sell and market their features thats what matters to end consumers. Solid stable usable features rather than half baked 'Am Innovative and First' features. Look at Fingerprint Scanner, before apple there existed a few phones with FPS and S5 had what was worst implementation of FPS. Apple just refined it and made it perfect and look at now Android due to it has also improved FPS and today we have decent FPS on S6 N5x(hopefully) and 1+2. So its not about having a feature for years rather a feature that will be usable thats important :)

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  16. supaburger
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2015

    supaburger , Sep 11, 2015 :
    i'm not dumb
    they are using underpower components made custom for them and spend ages developing the system to make sure is optimized
    but that is easy for them they only got one or 2 phone every year
    in android there is hundred of different phones and components so is alot harded to optimize when every manufacture is different hw and most of the times is not customized hw

    yes updates are important of course

    i'm not delutional i just have an opinion and is as valid as yours but i don't go to an apple fan forum to stir $hit. if i loved iphones as much as you seems to do i wpould not even bother buying anything else or even be here

    bull$hit gimmick
    by the way huawei had it first

    one again i just don't get what are you doing here.
    Just buy an iphone why even bother with a phone and company than in your opinion it won't deliver.

  17. 1sts
    Eclair Sep 11, 2015

    1sts , Sep 11, 2015 :
    Buy an iphone and jailbreak it. Makes it much better and usable. I am android through and through but appreciate tech. They know how to make and market excellent tech for the average to advanced consumer. I for one will probably get the 6s plus and sell my OP2.

  18. supaburger
    Honeycomb Sep 11, 2015

    supaburger , Sep 11, 2015 :
    that is all good.
    we need competition to evolve and progress
    i just don't like the way apple comes along and claims they invented this and that when in reality they just stole it. but if any other phone maker has anything remotely similar to their they will sue the $hit out of them

  19. gringoboy
    Lollipop Sep 11, 2015

    gringoboy , Sep 11, 2015 :
    Because I own the OPO obviously!
    Apple may well steal ideas. Everyone does. They just do it much better than all the peasant android manufacturers. Heck, they even make phones that can actually work!
    Wake up and smell the coffee. Fanboyism is ignorance. Apple make great products that work very well. That's why they make huge profits while Android makers are on their knees scraping for a living. Android can be fun, but don't blind yourself to its massively obvious shortcomings. Stagefright? Google Play Services? Mobile Radio? All crap bugs, present for multiple versions now. Piss poor.

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  20. fightwithdogma
    Gingerbread Sep 11, 2015

    fightwithdogma , Sep 11, 2015 :
    If you think the best use for 900 dollars is buying a phone worth 250 dollars to make, with an OS license of less than 99 dollars, with an OS that is closed and now outdated in terms of user experience and only manages to keep up through stupid marketing techniques, then you might want to change your insight on the world. The only good iPhone was the first one. The others did not provide any riveting revolution, nor could they be considered "premium phones" in the first place

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