Is Facebook Messenger's Chat Room Killing WhatsApp's Group Video Call? via OnePlus Community App

  1. Y1583899531449 , via OnePlus Community App , May 28, 2020 :

    With WhatsApp currently having over 1 billion active users, You will wonder why WhatsApp new Group video call took long to come and when it finally did, it's still not gaining the ground on zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet etc.

    Firstly, You will think since WhatsApp is popular, more people will use it for conference video call but then, it seems Facebook has other ideas.
    To use WhatsApp's new group video call feature, you'll have to update to the latest WhatsApp App and in doing so, you'll also receive Facebook Messenger's Chat Room integration.

    Well, this will be a blow for those who are already paranoid about Facebook's privacy notoriety but still using WhatsApp. So the Question is, IF I MUST UPDATE TO GET ACCESS TO GROUP VIDEO CALL FEATURES, WHY ADD ANOTHER GROUP VIDEO APP INTEGRATION IN THE UPDATE?
    We'll, it's Facebook you know. There own way of building their own ecosystem of 'data collection' dynasty. But that's not all, the newly purported 8-Person Group Video call is just a smokescreen to cover what's actually happening while getting the loyal users of WhatsApp excited.

    You can easily make group video call between you and three other people (4-Person) but it gets complicated the moment you want to add the 5th person. Since we all know that 4-Person Video call limitation is far from reasonable, 8-Person group video call sounds fair for a small group or family but it not as easy as you think.

    4-Person Group video call? No problem but wait until you try to add the 5th person...

    At first it was looking good till they hit me with the hammer in the picture below....

    So, now it's clear! The aim of announcing 8-Person Group WhatsApp is to get more people to update to the latest WhatsApp and in doing so, you get Facebook Messenger's Chat Room integration and then you'll also have to teach or force your parents or grandparents to update their WhatsApp too! Wow! You've gotta give it up for Facebook company but will this move backfire and give competitors advantage as more people will look towards our apps for video conferencing?
    Well, time will tell!
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