is it a problem if you charge your phone to 100 % ?

  1. G_koushal_agarwal_GSyq
    Eclair May 23, 2018

  2. SiddharthPatil
    Honeycomb May 23, 2018

  3. hugoaferreira
    Honeycomb May 23, 2018

    hugoaferreira , May 23, 2018 :
    No. Charge it as you will. I charge my OP3 till 100% since day 1 and my battery is still fine.

  4. nikosgr4
    Eclair May 23, 2018

    nikosgr4 , May 23, 2018 :
    Theoretically the closer you are to 100% when you are charging the more "stress" you apply to the battery and you reduce its life meaning it won't last you 4-5 years. The thing is, a phone with empty battery is a useless phone.

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    Jelly Bean May 23, 2018

    RASTAVIPER , May 23, 2018 :
    Oh really ?
    did you check it with any official app?
    let me inform you that for sure your battery is not fine and it's surely reduced in capacity.
    next time better learn a few things before posting inaccuracies.
    charging the battery till 100% stress the components and reduce its lifecycle

  6. Max.Mar
    Jelly Bean May 23, 2018

    Max.Mar , May 23, 2018 :
    Absolutely wrong.
    The thing is all these batteries have certain number of life cycles.. And when you charge it to 100% then that completes one cycle. For example if a battery has 500 life cycles so by charging it to full makes it count as one cycles.
    So it's better to keep it under 80% which doesn't give battery a complete cycle and can enhance its life to an extend.

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  7. The1Lion
    Marshmallow May 23, 2018

  8. Hydra Bob
    Marshmallow May 24, 2018

    Hydra Bob , May 24, 2018 :
    Charging the battery to 100% does stress it more than the method you described but even charging from 30-80% twice would count as one complete cycle. You can't use a Li-Ion battery without reducing it's capacity or even leave it sitting on a shelf for that matter. It all depends if the convenience of having that extra 10-20% for the day outweighs the reduction in life expectancy for the battery for you.

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