Is it even possible to get the 16GB OPO?

  1. Deactivated User
    Jun 3, 2015

  2. Deactivated User
    Jun 3, 2015

  3. Dr. Indest
    Lollipop Jun 3, 2015

    Dr. Indest , Jun 3, 2015 :
    Although possible, most people don't need too much space. I only use about 10 gb on my phone and most of that is TWRP backups. I use to own an 8 gb iPod Touch for years and found it to be enough for me. Although I agree 64 gb come in handy, especially with RAW images and 4k video shooting, I think the 16 gb phone is big enough for lots of people. With Pandora and other music streaming services, I don't see a need to have music on a phone (this is just my personal opinion). With that, only apps and pictures takes up space. Unless ppl download large apps and never use them, I doubt 16+ gb is needed on a device. Personally, if I don't use an app once a month, it is not on my phone.

  4. 1pandaman
    Gingerbread Jun 4, 2015

    1pandaman , Jun 4, 2015 :
    I have the solution

    Buy a bamboo back

    Just buy the black sandstone verizon for $300 and then the white swapstyle off any where for like $10-$20 bucks and your set :)
    Don't worry about breaking your phone when changing backs its easy
    But still be careful

  5. Lingering
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 4, 2015

    Lingering , Jun 4, 2015 :
    Yes but they have far less 16gb models in production.

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  6. ArthurDaley
    Gingerbread Jun 4, 2015

    ArthurDaley , Jun 4, 2015 :
    Totally stupid behaviour of Oneplus....they dont deserve to sell any devices anymore....