OxygenOS Is it me or has the OS become gradually more buggy?

  1. F_Andrico_Karoulla_EbLt
    Donut Mar 29, 2020

    F_Andrico_Karoulla_EbLt , Mar 29, 2020 :
    I've been using the OnePlus ever since I got my OnePlus 3 about 3.5 years ago.

    The phone's have been great, and about about 15 months ago I got the One Plus 6t. I had a blast at first with this phone, but I feel as if the OS is gradually becoming more buggy.

    Applications seems to be crashing more frequently (both 1st and 3rd party applications)

    The themes seem to go haywire for no reason. Things disappearing and reappearing for no reason.

    And right now the phone doesn't seem to know when it's being charged. The battery icon doesn't change, and it charges really slowly.

    I don't know if there's been a change in the QA strategy in the last 12 months, but if this keeps up, I won't be upgrading to a OnePlus in the future.

  2. drl431
    Marshmallow Mar 29, 2020

    drl431 , Mar 29, 2020 :
    Could be you are experiencing side effects from a dirty flash of Android 10. And you could also be running some 3rd party apps, in the background, that are not fully compatible with Android 10.

  3. F_Andrico_Karoulla_EbLt
    Donut Mar 31, 2020

    F_Andrico_Karoulla_EbLt , Mar 31, 2020 :
    I don't tend to run loads of apps in the background, but would it even be possible for an app to affect my phone's capability to recognise that it's being charged?

    As far as having a bad version of Android 10, is there a way to check whether I do, and if so sort this problem out?

  4. drl431
    Marshmallow Apr 1, 2020

    drl431 , Apr 1, 2020 :
    Some apps (and junk apps) will run continually in the background without your knowledge or permission. But yeah, I would not expect an app would interfere with battery charging. That could be caused by pocket lint inside the usb-c connector on the phone.

    I'm not saying you have a bad version of Android 10, just that you may have installed it over an old installation of Android 9, with loads of previously installed apps, which may not be all be fully compatible with Android 10.

  5. F_Alin_Gheaja__hUWQ
    Cupcake Apr 2, 2020

  6. drl431
    Marshmallow Apr 2, 2020

    drl431 , Apr 2, 2020 :
    If you can not isolate which app(or apps) is causing problems, try a factory reset. Back up your data (except the apps) to the cloud or a pc first.