Is OP2 really all the hype.

  1. parthcool
    Gingerbread Oct 4, 2015

  2. evilone
    Jelly Bean Oct 4, 2015

    evilone , Oct 4, 2015 :
    seems like there is a campaign at TomTom for the ZUK Z1.... 311$ seems like a better bargin then OP2 anyway even though it's just Snapdragon 801 in that one. at least it's Cyanogenmod so it might actually work.

    and BTW I have an OP1 but decided not to buy OP2

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  3. hippycy
    Gingerbread Oct 4, 2015

    hippycy , Oct 4, 2015 :
    We do at that i love my OPO the 2 would be a definate improvement...

  4. Mr. BG
    Marshmallow Oct 4, 2015

    Mr. BG , Oct 4, 2015 :
    If you have an OPO leave it, the two is not really an upgrade...

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  5. jgarcia1237
    Honeycomb Oct 4, 2015

    jgarcia1237 , Oct 4, 2015 :
    When you member # is 25k and not 700k, you figure I should have already gotten one.

  6. jgarcia1237
    Honeycomb Oct 4, 2015

    jgarcia1237 , Oct 4, 2015 :
    That is very true.......

  7. Slatter191
    Lollipop Oct 4, 2015

    Slatter191 , Oct 4, 2015 :
    Correct, only a hype.

  8. elchapinde617
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 4, 2015

  9. sleepdragonone
    KitKat Oct 4, 2015

    sleepdragonone , Oct 4, 2015 :
    Since you have the OPO, the hype is basically the same, except the hardware and software, same as OPO hype, get it as your own risk.....hehe

  10. Most smokey
    Eclair Oct 4, 2015

    Most smokey , Oct 4, 2015 :
    I signed up for that reservation list and got an invite right when the new nexus phones were announced last Tuesday. (thought this was funny lol) pulled the trigger and am going to buy it! I already have the one, however I can't get over how sexy the 2 looks. I am very happy with the one so I will buy the 2.

    I watched countless reviews and I was going to buy a moto pure because everyone says it is better and the same price. Well guess what it is not the same price! For a 64 gig it's like over 100$ more then the 2! Not settling for less storage.

    Never even knew what nfc was until the 2 came out lol so dgaf about nfc.

    There was another thread saying it charges basically just as fast as the one.

    So I don't think it is all "hype" haters gonna hate but I still support oneplus. Seriously great phone. Get Mine in the mail Monday. So I say buy it keep your one if you don't like it sell it.

  11. hippycy
    Gingerbread Oct 5, 2015