Is Santa bringing Vaccine this Christmas?

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    sanyamnn , Nov 9, 2020 :
    Yes, but maybe not for you!

    “Vaccine” keyword search on different platforms has drastically increased with time. Source: Similarweb

    2020 hasn’t been an amazing year for most of the world. From companies filing for Bankruptcy to millions who lost their livelihood across the globe, this year has been on a constant bad trip.

    The first vaccine prediction gave hopes of it being available by July, but here we are in November, still waiting for Phase 3 results to be out.
    But, if we have a quantitative look at the vaccine process and data, we know that we are not much far. Let’s understand the Vaccine Approval Process:

    Source: BioProcess International

    Organizations like AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna are already done with Phase 3 trials in countries like the USA, UK, and are waiting for final effectiveness data to come out.
    It is expected that data will be analyzed and presented by end of November and at least 2 of these 3 vaccines are expected to get a green flag from all the major countries. (Vaccine manufacturing process is already at its peak with Institutes like Serum Institute of India (SII), one of the largest vaccine manufacturing hub in the world has already expanded its capabilities to manufacture almost 10 million doses per month)

    So, answer to the basic question: Vaccines are rolling out by December but rolling out doesn’t mean you are getting it.

    Problem with Current Vaccines:

    All these vaccine candidates in production right now follow the intramuscular route (are injections) and it is very hard to map a vaccination process in countries like India with a doctor population ratio of 1:1456. There is an active lookout for nasal vaccines. One of them is already in phase 3 trials (by Bharat BioTech and Washington University) which is expected to get approval in mid-2021.

    When are you getting vaccinated?
    All the countries have vaccination plans set up in a way that they primarily vaccinate Health Workers, followed by Old Aged People (or others at high risk) and then the normal population.

    If you are in India and vaccines roll out in December:
    - Health Workers vaccination will take: 21–24 days (approx)
    - Old Aged and other Vulnerable Population: 30–50 days. (because it will require a proper mapping and reach-out)
    - Normal Population: Major Vaccination completed by August-October 2021.

    But, if you are from countries with low population density, there are high chances for the major population chunk to be vaccinated by April 2021.

    Are vaccine injections safe? Vaccines are given to someone as sensitive as a newborn kid. If all precautions are taken and processes are followed in a controlled environment, they are definitely safe.

    Depending on Vaccine Effectiveness data, there might be multiple doses of vaccination to ensure complete safety. For example:
    Vaccine Volunteers for AstraZeneca in India were given 2 doses of vaccines at an interval of 21 days, although they believe that a single dose is enough.

    Can COVID end without Vaccine? Of course, It can.
    If the general population can understand the importance of masks, and have discipline in their lives, we can definitely beat COVID without any vaccine.

    Thank you so much for your time. Stay Safe!

    Have a nice day, ahead!

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