Is the camera software still a problem?

  1. hoosieradam
    Froyo Sep 23, 2019

    hoosieradam , Sep 23, 2019 :
    Ever since the "final" camera software has been available, my pictures have never been as good as they once were. they're still better than most phones, so I'll give that a rest.

    Today, I tried several times to take a photo of a book cover. I tried it with the regular lens and even the zoom lens. No matter which I used, the white print at the top left is fuzzy. it's perfectly sharp on the book cover, but something in the OnePlus software is softening the edges of the letters. Any idea why?

    As a comparison, I'm happy to also use my old G6 to see if it does it also. I wiped the lens. Made sure I was level... and while the image is clear and sharp, that white text definitely isn't.

    Any ideas?


  2. tuanv1966
    Froyo Sep 24, 2019

    tuanv1966 , Sep 24, 2019 :
    I would suggest you install the Google Camera App APK. There's a YT video on how to make any camera better. Because it's all in the software. Google has it on their Pixel phones, which is why the Pixels have one of the best cameras. I have it on mine. You'll notice the difference. Follow the instruction. It's not difficult.