Is the OnePlus 10 Pro for you?

  1. K1634849114196
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

  2. meatandy
    Oreo Jan 22, 2022

    meatandy , Jan 22, 2022 :

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  3. Am_Vks
    Honeycomb Jan 22, 2022

    Am_Vks , Jan 22, 2022 :
    Using oneplus 8 pro! clearly oneplus 10 pro is not for me. Not worth the investment and not practical enough

  4. A1511794121317
    Donut Jan 22, 2022

  5. AbdulNasir400
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

  7. p2p
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 22, 2022

    p2p , via OnePlus 7T , Jan 22, 2022 :
    I would change the question to: is the new OxygenOs for you? My answer would be NO.

    The software is as important as the hardware.

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  8. Jaxom
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

    Jaxom , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 22, 2022 :
    Personally going to wait one more year before considering a smartphone upgrade. I'm more or less in the same position as the last writer: OnePlus 9 Pro, perfectly satisfied the way it is, see myself using is for some more months (if not years).

    Considering I've been going from the OnePlus 3, then 7 Pro (god that I loved this phone), 8 Pro (wireless charging convinced me) and now 9 Pro (get accustomed to wireless charge, and performances were very promising with the Hasselblad partnership), I don't feel like loosing anything by waiting for the 11 Pro (no big evolutions brought by the 10 Pro, the 8Gen1 SoC isn't as good as I expected, cameras are not really upgrading also... Meh... If I wasn't coming from the 9 Pro, I would have surely been able to think differently about it).

    2023 will be the 3rd and final year of the cooperation with Hasselblad, the merging of OxygenOS and ColorOS should be better handled by this time, and 10th anniversary for the brand. What should we expect with such promesses?

    Otherwise, I really like the OnePlus 10 Pro's design, and will look forward the next iteration from the brand.

  9. TRIGGER01
    Eclair Jan 22, 2022

    TRIGGER01 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 22, 2022 :
    I have the 9Pro and I like the phone minus the android 12 mass.. however I don't see this as much of an upgrade from the 9 Pro, the new SoC seems to be excellent however the SD888 is still more than enough for any phone. Will wait till next year and see what happens.. will monitor the software situation with the 9 and 10 series and than decide if I will stick with OnePlus or try another manufacturer.

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  10. TRIGGER01
    Eclair Jan 22, 2022

    TRIGGER01 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 22, 2022 :
    The hardware between the CN and other versions on the OP9 seem the same, save for additional 5G frequency added to the EU and US models.

  11. JEBUDD
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

  12. Bigbear40
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

    Bigbear40 , Jan 22, 2022 :
    I prefer sticking with the N10 5g or 9 pro. Not much of a difference in my opinion.

  13. Cheetosdust
    Moderator, Content Coordinator Moderator Writers' Club Jan 22, 2022

    Cheetosdust , Jan 22, 2022 :
    You can see a direct comparison here, for example. ;)

  14. Y1642696214581
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

  15. dt.pgh
    Donut Jan 22, 2022

    dt.pgh , Jan 22, 2022 :
    I probably won't upgrade to the OnePlus 10 Pro. I currently have a OnePlus 8 Pro. I love the display, camera set, and color selection, but the charging is slow compared to the 9 series. If the phone was priced lower than US$1,000, it might be a phone to look into. But the complaints about software in the 9 & 9 Pro might discourage me from buying the 10 Pro.

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  16. msabatella
    Cupcake Jan 22, 2022

    msabatella , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 22, 2022 :
    Got the OP9 pro 2 months ago and I'm perfectly satisfied with my purchase. Buying the OP10 would be only a minor upgrade. I think I'll wait for the 11 or 12 and new technologies

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