is there any option to prevent hard reset and soft reset from unauthorized?

  1. legendary_knight
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

    legendary_knight , Nov 11, 2015 :
    i just wanna knw is there any option to prevent my mobile being resetted without my authorization. When the mobile is Switched on the pattern or other locks can prevent. But when it comes to advanced reboot is there any option to do so or whether Oxygen Os will be provide such security and make onePlus more securable too??. I was just wondering even after the putting all the apps to track and GPRS tracking enabled from google play. Its all in vein when some one install a new os package or hard reset or soft reset or even factory reset. Will
    Oxygen Os gives more secure than Cynaogen. ??. Hoping they will give more security options too. when i noticed oneplusX i can see the pattern is just normal like all android mobiles and not like cynagoen too. and i wanna give a feedback when i use screen keys its overlaps with other screen like in camera and other apps. As a OnePlus fan i am waiting to see more security options and software options like the way u strike with the design hope u will

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