Is there any phone support 5G and dual sim for Canada Rogers network

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    Thanks for the tag @Dresa91
    if I understand correctly, you are posting in the 9 series section. So are you asking if the 9pro or 9 in Northern America has single or dual SIM? And if it is 5G compatible with the Roger network?

    First thing to know is that The North American version of the 9 Pro and 9 only has 1 sim.

    The 8,8T, and earlier devices have dual SIM.

    The OnePlus devices (e.g 8,9, Nord) have the capability of using 5G networks. In fact, here is the compatibility site for Rogers. When looking at their chart and the hardware spec of OnePlus. The 9 and 9 pro have the 5G bands. See below

    OnePlus 9 series devices therefore have the hardware.

    However, the issue is how the carrier's like Rogers are rolling out access to 5G. I think it is best to call Rogers and ask what is needed to connect with their 5G networks. Note that Rogers often uses other providers (e.g. Bell or Telus) towers.

    Here is what I found out about 5G networks and carriers while testing the Nord.

    Five things were needed at the time. When you talk with Rogers, I'd suggest keeping these points in mind and asking them directly.

    1. You need a 5G compatible sim card.
    2. You need a 5G compatible device AND
    3. The device must be approved by the carrier ****
    4. Must be in a 5G Network area. These are still limited in Canada. In August 2020, there were 5 areas.
    5. Have 5G enabled in your service contract.
    ****In August 2020 when I spoke with Bell IT they said that they had a list of approved devices and only those could connect to the 5G network, even though all the other criteria were met. They want to eventually open it up to all 5G devices. But I don't think that they are there yet.

    Currently, I have all the criteria met with my 9pro with the exception of my device being on their approved list so I can reach top LTE speeds getting close to the lower speeds of 5G network but it isn't full range of 5G speed.

    I'd definitely talk with Rogers to see if they have it on their approved list of devices or simply if a OnePlus device (they may ask what is that) can connect to their 5G towers and get 5G speeds.

    Hope this helps,

    Please let me know if you have any questions

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    Thank you so much:)

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