Other Is this the new beginning for OnePlus;have they started taking their customers& community 4 granted?

  1. Mukul Bharati
    Cupcake Jul 27, 2020

    Mukul Bharati , Jul 27, 2020 :
    Been a OnePlus user since OnePlus one and have purchased 3 devices so far the last one being OnePlus5.
    I just love the brand and the phones.
    However, i have never been so disappointed like i am now the issue being the repair of my OP5.
    Contacted OnePlus support on 5th July 2020 for a display issue (display blacked out after a phone fall), the pick up was scheduled for 6th July and the device was picked up on the promised date. the device reached the Salt Lake, Kolkata service centre on 7th July and i got a notification in the OP app on 8th July around 11 am that my device is under diagnosis and Mr. Pronab Yadav has accepted the request to fix my phone.
    That is it in terms of communication from OnePlus. After this communication, i have made numerous calls to the customer care number which usualls gets connected after a hold time of 20+mins and the call either gets disconnected or the rep has no clue and says he will send communicate the update but to no avail. Sent mails to OnePlus Support, got one automated reply that we have received your question and we will reply in the next 48 hours but again no one writes. I even tweeted couple of times and no reply/ans. Also no reply on their WhatsApp support.
    While i understand that at these times there can be a delay but i at least feel that i am entitled to a reply/update from OnePlus after being a vocal supporter of OnePlus since the OP1 days. Sadly, the customer service experience has been really bad.
    Its been 21 days since i dispatched my phone for repair and still i have no clue when i will get it back.
    Such is my love for OnePlus that i cannot think of buying another phone and have been using an old OnePlusX that i had bought for my wife which feels damn slow after the OP5 experience and am waiting for Nord sale to start.
    This ordeal has been a definite dent in my belief on the brand which otherwise has been a beautiful experience so far.
    Is this the new beginning for OnePlus where they have started taking their customers & community for granted?
    I really want to know from all of you guys here.


  2. Mukul Bharati
    Cupcake Jul 27, 2020

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