Is Working From Home the Future of Work?

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    WFH is really the best I would say. So many advantages and distractions at the same time too. But don't you feel good working with your jammies on and your doggo sitting next to you?


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    Good thread @Red Bearded BA (Jason C.)

    For the IT folks in my opinion this will be the new normal. I believe there will be very few days in a month wherein the employees would be needed to be in workplace.

    The employer is also benefitted as there are huge savings on building rent, electricity , water, security and other IT infra needed to run an office plus they are quite confident now with this WFH setup as they got an opportunity to test the productivity and impact on deliverables in a full WFH setup during this lockdown.

    If we can make some adjustments to our work culture and socializing habit I see a great benifit for both employee and the the employer with WFH

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    According to the stats where I work, productivity has decreased by 25% with wfh system. I do wfo one week and wfh the next. I believe wfh will stay an option or a choice. I work on two screens at work and at home. At home, it was very difficult to work with only the laptop screen. So I asked for an additional screen to my coordinator. Working from home has its inconveniences..poor network signal, always receiving phone calls for any confirmation, often finish later than those working from office, etc...

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    Manufacturing, farming, infrastructure, healthcare, policing, to name but a few. None of these jobs can be undertaken from home.

    These are roles the UK government has deemed to be critical to the survival of civilisation as we know it.

    I would love to work from home and spend more time with my dear family but the truly important jobs simply cannot be done from ones own house. The author even admits they have recently lost there job.

    If I ever get the chance to work from home, I will worry about the future of my position.

    There is so much unnecessary nonsense in this world and its about time humanity focused on what really continues our existence as a species.

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    Same here Brother.

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    I don't think working from home will be possible in my line of work (public library) but i hope it can be some working from home of the work assignment can be done from home

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