Issue with network carriers after the new update via OnePlus 7T

  1. hi5arp
    Gingerbread Oct 12, 2019

    hi5arp , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 12, 2019 :
    Hi OP Team/@Pete,

    After the recent update, with just 4 days new phone, I am seeing constant issue with network carriers over not able to give maximum network bandwidth due to which calls are being cut off,not reachable issue.

    With the same sim in another phone, it is working as expected over the same location.

    Can the bridge gap be checked to overcome network fluctuations issue over sim carrier like, Airtel,Jio as such.
    Please, this is urgent needed to get it rectified.

    As I am using 7T , I will update daily with the cons I observe to post.

    Update 1:
    1. While screen is lock, and you move it upwards to unlock by fingerprint,it doesn't get unlock. Too often I need to press power button, then fingerprint scan works. Seems Annoying and do need to check on this part.

    2. I feel as a user, instead of separate charge in for 3.5mm headphone jack converter,OP if not *want* to give as free, instead should keep in box as charged amount while on sale, so people instead of going to OP store,should have facility to buy in the box as clearly OP is raking up to be wIth APPLE in this segment.

    Also, no reasons far more forced enough,why they can't keep HEADPHONE jack. Miss it,as it looks halberd in this segment in my opinion to not have it as options.
    (I know another World dream..but can be a possibility of options having included headphone jack with 7t and one with not, So would've been people choice)

    3. When going to WhatsApp group after some interval, screen pans out for few seconds as white background and then becomes normal. Been visible makes it weird even for seconds make it aweful.

    4. Pre installed Netflix with no combination of uninstalling makes it worse.

    5. There is no LED light notifs to be aware that phone is getting charged/full charged make it remembers good old days.

    6. In Fingerprint, pick up your phone option is not working.
    And tap screen to show is also issue prone as sometime it works and sometims it doesn't. To my dismay, one can't use both features simultaneously even if you ahve ticked for both options

    7. Oneplus switch app which takes prev. app install changes gets stuck in new phone all the time. In question like chrome which is running from ages as Installation with nothing conc 1571585909708.jpg

    rete to follow up yet

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