issues with third-party app & fingerprint scanner in my 7t pro McLaren edition via OnePlus 7T Pro

  1. Nikhil Muraskar
    Cupcake Dec 23, 2019

    Nikhil Muraskar , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Dec 23, 2019 :
    From last 1 week I'm facing issues the third party apps and again with fingerprint scanner...
    1. Third-party apps.= If the I'm using any app such as UC BROWSER OR CHROME BROWSER the screen automatically stop working and the page open on the browser gets stuck... I had took the video of this issue with the help of screen recorder but can't upload it...
    2. Fingerprint scanner. =last time I raised the thread regarding the this but soon after that I received the updated so I thought this issue will be resolved but I'm facing the same issue.. It doesn't accept the fingerprint to unlock the cellphone. Or sometime it recognized the fingerprint then its took's the time to unlock the phone. It's my humble request as I paid 59k for this phone. So I hope u'll give the solution for this issue as soon as possible.