Its CyanogenMod...What are the benefits?

  1. Skejpr
    Donut Apr 26, 2014

    Skejpr , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Brilliant.. I was just wondering when some troll / hater will appear...

  2. sauprankul
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2014

    sauprankul , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Steve has been very clear. 11S has been in QA for a month (code freeze and bug squash). This is in contrast to "community builds" which are released nightly.
    11S will be exactly like Sense 6, TouchWiz nobody cares, Color OS, etc. in that it is meant for the average end consumer, and not just power users.

    i.e. You won't run the risk of bricking your device; it's all good.

  3. Skejpr
    Donut Apr 26, 2014

    Skejpr , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Well, I am not afraid of Rooting, I understand that no Root will be necessary in this case..
    I just never tried fully functional Device with CM, so I have no idea, what possibilities awaits me and how do I work with them. It must be different somehow.

    I know the theory, but every idea has more expressions and for fully understanding you need to know more then just a one :)
    Means I need to see it on my own or someone to show me..

  4. Entropy512
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2014

    Entropy512 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Really? I'd suggest checking the CM forums for the Oppo N1... Or oppoforums.com... or the XDA N1 forums.

  5. yamijim
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2014

    yamijim , Apr 26, 2014 :
    I am so spoiled by Cyanogenmod, I feel gimped on Vanilla android.

    It's kind of hard to explain it directly, and if you go from Vanilla you might not notice the VAST amount of extra tweeks and settings you get, and it's improvement over Vanilla is not as readily obvious as say replacing the bloated beasts that are Sense and Touchwiz. by removing a bunch of vendor CRAP and a slow UI. BUT I will tell you this, if you have to go back to Vanilla from CM you WILL feel it. Went from CM on Galaxy S2 to Vanilla on a Nexus 5. Yeah, it's OK but I like my phone to behave exactly how I want it to, and Vanilla android just doesn't offer that granular control.

    Also, theme's are freaking sweet.

    So an iPhone is a butter knife, it will work for most things.
    Android is a steak knife, it will do more, like fricking shank fools.
    CM is like a scalpel, you could shave a flys ball sack or butter toast, or shank fools.

  6. Sevan
    Jelly Bean Apr 26, 2014

    Sevan , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Yes, as long as it is official CyanogenMod.

    CM has been the first thing we install on our phones for years. In fact I stopped using my Nexus 5 and started using an older HTC One X, because CyanogenMod was not available officially for Nexus 5 in the first few weeks.

    The best thing about CyanogenMod is that they do not add features just for the sake of having more features, unlike many other custom ROMs.

  7. wtfhsf
    KitKat Apr 26, 2014

  8. Sevan
    Jelly Bean Apr 26, 2014

    Sevan , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Fear not, CM11S will be a special version, probably as stable as any OEM ROM out there, if not more stable.

    However, even the regular community-driven CyanogenMod versions that we have used on all of the phones and tablets in our home for the past 3 years, are far better than any OEM ROM--incomparable.

  9. vladashram
    Froyo Apr 26, 2014

    vladashram , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Well I wouldn't say incomparable to all. The OEM ROMs on the Nexus and Google Experience Devices(aka Stock Android) are overall the most stable. Mind you its very vanilla, and for some thats very much preferable over most OEM's ROMs. Comparing Stock Google Android to CM, its all in the preferences. CM adds a lot more customizability, while Stock has the advantage of feeling more Google-integrated. I mean you can install Gapps in CM but it still isn't quite the same.

  10. sryan1987
    Honeycomb Apr 26, 2014

    sryan1987 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Not lame at all. Always good to ask questions =}

  11. ismet
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 26, 2014

    ismet , Apr 26, 2014 :
    CyanogenMod will run just fine as any other Android Version (/ROM), otherwise there would be some serious complains.. I for myself CyanogenMod because it tends to run much smoother than other OEMs Android aka Sense/Touchwiz or stock android. Furthermore it makes your device kinda YOUR device (as with my GS3) and gives you much more options in the settings and you experiment with them..

  12. willjammer
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2014

  13. iAmFish
    Eclair Apr 26, 2014

    iAmFish , Apr 26, 2014 :
    There are a lot of them.Just wait till' review units will be sent out, and then check YouTube for a lot of stuff about 1+1

  14. procash3
    Cupcake Aug 16, 2014

    procash3 , Aug 16, 2014 :
    Did anyone ever tried installing Cm to xperia devices, ??? MY phone is Xperia tx (lt29i). thank you in advance. :)