It's official: The Exynos 2200 breaks cover

  1. Batman360
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    Batman360 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    (Header credits: @yashonagori)
    If I ask you which Samsung’s flagship device will you purchase - the one with Exynos or the one with a Snapdragon inside -, well, we all know the answer: for most of you, the Snapdragon variant is the obvious choice.

    Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones like its “S” series with the Exynos chipset never performs well after a certain time, with reported system lag, graphic problems, issues with the heating of the device, something that keeps occurring after a couple of years. You can see a video explaining why people don't like them here (Android Central).

    Well, that is going to change from now onward (most probably). Samsung has finally announced its home grown processor Exynos 2200. Now you may ask, what is new with this one? So, for your information, this is the System on a Chip (SoC) to include a GPU with AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture (better known for powering the next-gen graphics on the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and AMD’s RX 6000-series graphics cards), which enables features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing (ray tracing is a feature capable of tracking the rays of light backwards to its source).

    Though you cannot expect major graphic improvements like the ones on NVIDIA or AMD’s graphic cards for desktop, however, there will likely be some improvements in graphics, along with whatever other upgrades Samsung has up its sleeve for the E-2200.

    (Image credits: wccftech.com)
    The Exynos 2200 (E-2200) is manufactured on Samsung’s 4nm EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet lithography) process. Samsung has branded this GPU as Xclipse. Let’s now see the CPU side of E-2200 - it runs on Armv9 cores: 1 high-powered Cortex-X2, 3 Cortex-A710 cores for balanced performance, and 4 more efficient Cortex-A510 cores.

    There’s also an upgraded NPU (Neural Processing Unit) which gives two times the performance of its predecessor, and its architecture is said to support camera sensors of up to 200 megapixels (yikes)!!

    Samsung’s highest end chipsets are usually installed in the company’s flagship Galaxy S series, but models sold in US and other country’s markets will still be using Snapdragon’s chipset. Also, Samsung never marketed E-2200 chipset anywhere until now, it is to be believed that the performance of the E-2200 is still not on par and few more tweaking is left to do before the final product launch. And only then we can expect the chipset's benchmark scores comparison.

    What do you all think about Exynos 2200? What do you all expect from it? Will you now be comfortable buying a Samsung S series smartphone with the Exynos chipset or will still choose Snapdragon over it?

    I'll keep updating this thread with more details as they are announced.


  2. ion2910
    Jelly Bean Jan 19, 2022

    ion2910 , Jan 19, 2022 :
    I would buy a Samsung S series with Exynos chipset, because in EU we don't get any other option.
    And to be honest I don't think the Exynos is that bad as a daily driver.
    The only difference can be seen in benchmarks and who cares about them... I don't :)

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  7. Trita11
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    Trita11 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 19, 2022 :
    Because Samsung comes with Exynoss in Europe, I chose OnePlus 9 Pro.The biggest mistake.
    I'd rather have a Samsung with Exynos than a Oneplus.

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  11. Drasm19
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 20, 2022

    Drasm19 , Jan 20, 2022 :
    Never again. No matter how many promises Exynos and MediaTek makes about their next gen flagships, I'll stay with Snapdragon till I switch over from Android.

    I've had enough bitter experiences from using Samsung and MediaTek flagship processors, although it's nice to see competition in this segment.

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  12. manojsurya99
    Jelly Bean Jan 20, 2022

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  16. Sourav_Satvaya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 20, 2022

    Sourav_Satvaya , Jan 20, 2022 :
    Nope. Not only benchmark results but also real life performance. If you compare them side by side you'll get the result.
    You can watch MrWhoseTheBoss' channel where he compared US an EU version of Galaxy S20 (may be, old video that's why I don't remember exactly).

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  17. Sourav_Satvaya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 20, 2022

    Sourav_Satvaya , Jan 20, 2022 :
    I don't prefer Samsung phones because of the Exynos process. Also don't like how Samsung forcefully install junks and most of them are not uninstallable.

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  18. malidan
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    malidan , Jan 20, 2022 :
    Don't you people get fed up of repeating the same old rubbish?
    There is plenty of bloatware on a OP and Google device the so called stock Android devices. I must have removed at least 40 pieces of bloat between the a Pixel and OP8T.
    Easy to make something look bad when you selectively use poorly optimised apps.

    Funny listening to the repeat what they here and those whom have never even owned a Samsung Flasghip device.

    On the same architecture

    2015 Exynos CPU Exynos GPU SD

    2016 Exynos

    2017 Exynos

    2018 Samsung lose QC contract to get it back.
    ( surprise surprise )
    Self crippling kernel found on the Exynos, with th true performancw released on the Note
    CPU Exynos
    CPU SD

    2019 ( current years architecture not supplied to Samsung/ Huawei )

    2020 ( current years architecture not supplied to Samsung/ Huawei)

    2021( Smasung now has the current years architecture )

    CPU Samsung
    GPU SD but it run as hot as crazy to achieve it.

    We have already seen the 8 Gen 1 running even hotter than last year for benchmarking.

    SD's rise to the supremacy matched up nicely with Arms failure to supply the latest Architecture in good time for Exynos and Kirin to develope their custom.cores.
    The Johnny come latelys only ever refers to the wins and not the busts, the worst ever SOC's being:

    These were bootlooping phone killers.:rolleyes:

  19. manojsurya99
    Jelly Bean Jan 21, 2022

    manojsurya99 , via OnePlus Community App , Jan 21, 2022 :
    Bloatware is another thing.
    Samsung lives in a parallel world. Horrible it was.

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