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Did u just waste your time?

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  1. B4kken
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    B4kken , Feb 8, 2015 :
    So I just passed my 4000 post and figured I should use this as an excuse to make my own introduction thread. Maybe I should've called mine "little late v2" @bambooprincess? I'm sorry that I didn't make it at the date you suggested! But I wouldn't want all your admirers to get the Wrong idea..
    I will make this whole thread in the courier new font as a tribute to the @awkward_potato.

    My name is Andreas Bakken(B4kken if you wish) and I'm from Norway and Sweden with a little bit of German - American relation. My furthest away relative I know today lives in an awesome mansion in Honduras, it's really cool there but enough about this.

    When I heard about the opo I was currently checking out the HTC One m8 and God, am I glad I stumbled upon this wonderful device! My galaxy s3(piece of s**t) was on the brink of breakdown though so 2 months before I got an invite(this was early June 2014,they were harder to come by back then but enough veteran talk) I went and bought an LG G2.it was an awesome device too and above all else I loved the back buttons, such a great idea! Still, once I got my invite I couldn't not buy the OPO. 2 days after I ordered it I dropped my g2 coming home from my Donalds at 2am and it didn't make it(a sad day for the entire world I'm sure).. How horrifying it was to live "under the grid" for 4 days but luckily my opo arrived pretty quickly!

    I'll put a quick review here as well: I was blown away as I powered it up. I had of course used Cyanogenmod 11 on my s3 and g2 but it was so smooth here. What mostly amazed me was the build quality though, I was in love with the sandstone back. And even if it softened out in a few months it still feels awesome to this day. My opo is dressed in bamboo these days though and I'm loving that too! Call quality is something I've read a lot of complaints about and I can only say that.. I don't get it. I've never been able to hear others, and they have never heard me, as good as when I'm on the opo. It's amazing. I've been rocking cm12 since before the release(late November actually) thanks to @daleski75 and the amazing thread he made back then. Hope you're enjoying that Nexus 6 man!
    That's it for the review.

    Now I like to think of myself as a tech-nerd. I love reading up on phones, TVs and comouters(software and hardware) and I try to keep up with the latest of all even though I can't afford any of it. I guess I like to torture myself as much as the next self-hating guy/gal out there. You'd think I'd be a drunk or drug addict by now but no such luck! I also play a lot of video(or pc- rather) games on my spare time. I guess it's an escape from reality.
    I'm 21 years old btw and I'm studying to become an Occupational Therapist, which considering my tech interest might seem weird.. I can't really explain it myself, I like to work with people even if I despise people.. It's also weird.

    TL;DR: my name is Andreas Bakken and I live in Sweden. I'm a tech/gaming nerd and I'm just about in love with my opo. Lots of self-hatred and stuff like that.

    TL;DR v2: Andreas Bakken, Sweden, tech/game-nerd, self-hatred.

    I love those community, keep it up! I also wrote this from my opo(with SwiftKey of course), it wouldn't feel right otherwise.

    Edit: what's this with everyone making their profiles private these days?

    Edit 2: Lets all take a few moments to remember the Never-Ending thread which passed away so unjustly last night.
    As always:
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015

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  2. Hanson Lee
    Marshmallow Feb 8, 2015

  3. DRCH
    Marshmallow Moderator Feb 8, 2015

    DRCH , Feb 8, 2015 :
    :D yes

  4. bambooprincess
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    bambooprincess , Feb 8, 2015 :
    thats so nice

    :D :D nice intro tho i love it

  5. sh3llshock
    KitKat Feb 8, 2015

  6. Blueeye
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 8, 2015

  7. B4kken
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    B4kken , Feb 8, 2015 :
    Glad you liked it :D

  8. bambooprincess
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

  9. B4kken
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    B4kken , Feb 8, 2015 :
    Actually.. Not so much! The poll thing was more of an @awkward_potato reference though.

  10. B4kken
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    B4kken , Feb 8, 2015 :
    I was so conflicted about when to make it I just had to get it out of the way ;)

  11. Chromer19
    Honeycomb Feb 8, 2015

  12. Deactivated User
    Feb 8, 2015

  13. B4kken
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    B4kken , Feb 8, 2015 :
    You too! I hadn't had time to read it on a computer yet.. Maybe it's horrible :O

  14. bambooprincess
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    bambooprincess , Feb 8, 2015 :
    yeah i didn't know either but i wanted to make it before i become Android L

  15. bambooprincess
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

  16. Deactivated User
    Feb 8, 2015

  17. B4kken
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    B4kken , Feb 8, 2015 :
    You're Android L! I hadn't noticed that yet :D congratz, damn you flew right passed me.. Must be pretty easy with all them admirers writing all the time tough right? ;)

  18. Blueeye
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 8, 2015

  19. bambooprincess
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

    bambooprincess , Feb 8, 2015 :
    i think i have to many admirers [​IMG]

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  20. bambooprincess
    Lollipop Feb 8, 2015

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