JBL E1+ Review: Why you should NOT to buy the JBL E1+'s... Or maybe why you should?

  1. 9843823790849
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    9843823790849 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    First you need to keep in mind the OnePlus One and the accessories have not been made with the same agenda. The OnePlus One is for the consumers to have a great experience, high end specs with a low price tag. But the accessories have to been made to help the company out more than anything, it's common knowledge the margins on the OnePlus One a very small so they need to generate revenue from somewhere.

    Now this inevitably means lower quality products/accessories with higher price tags. This is more noticeable in some cases and the JBL E1+ earphones I'm about to talk about.

    1) Looks - these headphones look and feel extremely cheap. They look absolutely nothing like the pictures on the OnePlus store. Photo-editing software can do a lot these days.

    2) In-Line controls - They're 11cm/4.3" away from the from the left earphone. This means whenever you want to use the controls, you must raise your hand up to your neck. The other problem with this is whenever you do this, without fail, you will slightly pull the earphone out of your ear (they don't sit very well).

    The main issue with the in-line controls though is their actual design. The cylinder like shape (this may be just with me as I normally use Apple Earpods) but flat controls feel 100% easier to use. The buttons, oh the buttons, there's barely any satisfying click and the depth the buttons go is very shallow. So I highly doubt these will be fun to use with cold hands or with gloves on. Sometimes I found myself double clicking because I wasn't sure if I had actually pressed anything.

    3) Sound - the sound is pretty average, I wouldn't say they sound amazing nor that they sound horrible.

    4) Design of earphones - a few pretty have brought it up and the earphones just will not fit snug into your ears. Of course, they'll go in but it's just too easy for them to fall out or become loose, as I mentioned above mine become loose every single time I use the in-line controls. I also find that the earphone is slightly on the large side at 1.5cm long (excluding the length of the earbud

    5) Cable - Tangle-free cables are always a plus.

    6) Price - price, price. Luckily I got them with my pre-order as a UK resident for half-price at £14.99($23.49USD/€18.76EUR*) IIRC. For what else is on the market, this is all they are worth or maybe even less. The full price here is £29.99 ($46.99USD/€36.29EUR*) which just cannot be justified for these headphones (bear in mind what I said first). If I had got them for £29.99, I would've honestly been quite disappointed. I'm 19 and not a millionaire so for me to personally spend £30 on headphones I have bad design flaws I'd feel like I would have wasted my money


    7) In-Line controls. I believe official OnePlus One earphones are the only one's with working controls and microphone (or one of a very few), on the OnePlus One itself. The buttons can also be used as camera controls, as well as toggling the torch. Others have no working controls and microphone (or maybe just no microphone support). So that maybe something you want to consider. Although I believe this is a software issue that may or may not be fixed.

    Do I regret my purchase? No not really. Despite all the issues with the headphones, I decided to buy them without any prior research so that's completely my fault (I had never heard of JBL). I'm also happy to support the company after the brilliant device they've provided me with.

    Would I recommend you buy these headphones? If you want good quality headphones, then no. You can get a much better bang for your buck elsewhere. But I would recommend these headphones to those who have the extra money to support OnePlus.

    The quality of the earphones do not translate to the price but I would ask you to consider whether or not you'd like to help support OnePlus.

    Please remember this isn't a complaint, this is just an honest review of the product. I don't really like the product but as I mentioned at the start I can understand why it's poor quality with a high (compared to what's out on the market IMO) price tag.

    *Direct currency conversions and may not reflect actual price in the corresponding stores


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  2. Hanson Lee
    Marshmallow Nov 16, 2014

    Hanson Lee , Nov 16, 2014 :
    Yes... It can also create a worldwide s3x scandal.

    Ty for review.

  3. 9843823790849
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    9843823790849 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    No doubt about that

    No problem

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  4. gajenn108
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2014

    gajenn108 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    I really disagree with this report, I have the earbuds and they are comfortable, have a very nice balance between mids and highs with a good bass...they don't look really cheap either...I have a $120 set of bose earbuds and they sound tinny in comparison..I'm very happy with my purchase, suprised at the quality at the price point. the volume control could have been lower but that is such a small point it wouldn't keep me from getting them.

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  5. 9843823790849
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    9843823790849 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    I guess looks can be subjective so I'll upload some pictures and yes the sound is fine

  6. Xespar
    Eclair Nov 16, 2014

  7. Dandroid534
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    Dandroid534 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    Point 7 - inline controls work fine with my xaomi piston 2 headphone which cost £12. And are amazing. The only headphones that won't work are apple ones.

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  8. 9843823790849
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    9843823790849 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    Definitely not the case. Look up posts in the forums, most earphones don't work, it's not exclusive to Apple earphones

  9. Dandroid534
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    Dandroid534 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    It is to do with ones designed for apple, its the way the connectors are ordered. CBA to give you a link.

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  10. chongswee
    Jelly Bean Nov 16, 2014

  11. 9843823790849
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    9843823790849 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    "Made for iPad, iPod & iphone" is different from "Apple Earphones"

    You can't dispute a point with such a vague term referring to something else

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

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  13. Dandroid534
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    Dandroid534 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    Made for apple product = apple headphones.

    Sorry if you didn't understand me. I thought it was obvious.

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 16, 2014

    9843823790849 , Nov 16, 2014 :

    Apple headphones = Made by Apple

    Samsung headphones = Made by Samsung

    HTC headphones = Made by HTC

    Nokia headphones = Made by Nokia

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    Honeycomb Nov 16, 2014

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  16. gajenn108
    Gingerbread Nov 16, 2014

    gajenn108 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    itchy what are those, nice looking earbuds...i buy for the sound actually, don't care much how they look as when I'm listening in not looking at them, lol....but everyone has their ideas and what's important to them

  17. daniel son
    Donut Nov 16, 2014

  18. Reloaded
    Honeycomb Nov 16, 2014

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  19. Elas
    Jelly Bean Nov 16, 2014

    Elas , Nov 16, 2014 :
    It's true they look very cheap compared to my Xiaomi pistons... I was going to buy them when my Xiaomi dies but now I'll just pick a second Xiaomi pistons...

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    Honeycomb Nov 16, 2014

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