Johneebee's Symphony; A Bullets Wireless #musicalreview

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    johneebee , Jul 4, 2018 :
    Part 1
    Now I know that a basic review can be a bit boring so I hope the videos with pictures, gifs and some great tunes I’ve put in here help to keep things at least a bit interesting or at least that they'll bring a smile on your face! ( you'll need sound to be turned on to enjoy this review the most)

    Anticipation and Unboxing:

    Waiting on these earbuds was indeed a drag and I think most of us felt like ...
    But once it's finally at your door you can get to packaging of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless which is immediately a delight. We see the same high-end product feeling as the company gives to their smartphones. Now I do recommend to first check out some one’s unboxing of the bullets wireless because I’ve seen so many people struggle taking them out of the box but if you know how to take them out, there isn’t really much effort to it! You’ll find a carrying pouch, a small USB- C charging cable, 3 pairs of earbuds and 3 pairs of wingtips to help them get a better fit.

    Design and Comfort:

    The thicker neckband is pre-shaped to the neck. This makes it very comfortable on the neck. The magnets in the bullets were a very smart idea making them look very tidy when they aren’t in your ear and of course the magnetic control that you get with it making it automatically stop/ play when you attach them together/ unplug them is dangerously addictive because now I’ll never want to have earphones who don’t have that feature!

    Finally, but not unimportant, the bullets are water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the rain or your sweat. (They aren’t resistant to immersion in water though)

    What the OnePlus Bullets Wireless also do well right away is the number of tips and earwings that are included. This allows you to find the optimal fit for your own ears. There are nine combinations, so the chance that your ideal fit is included is relatively large. The earwings are particularly useful during exercise to give the earplugs more grip. In my case, I did not even need them on the treadmill, but I did enjoy using them nevertheless! I bet they fit most types of ears, even ...
    (Disclaimer: do not make animals listen to your earphones, their ears ain't made for it and they probably have better taste in music then you do, so don't make them suffer!)

    Remote control:

    In the wire of the right earpiece, we also find the remote control. This is nicely designed, but is relatively standard in function. Volume + - and an action button. The microphone is also included here. Google assistant is integrated and works very well by long pressing the action button. On the left side the bullets have a button hidden to turn the headset on and off.

    Sound experience:

    The OnePlus Bullets Wireless support aptX over Bluetooth. Listening to these earphones I my self have nothing to complain about. The bass isn’t amazing, but it’s actually not really bad also especially not for €69 earphones! And when listening to songs without that much bass the sound quality comes pretty close to €200 headphones, which is very pleasing!
    I've tested them with many different types of songs and yes even with this amazing song it could handle it and I was enjoying every note! (this one is a bit louder so maybe turn your volume 10% lower for this one)

    Battery life:

    I use my earbuds in the morning and in the evening for about half an hour. Based on that use, I have to charge the headset weekly. With 5 minutes of charging on a OnePlus Dash Charger, the headset is full enough for about an hour of music. And after about 40 minutes it’s fully charged and gives you about 8 hours of music. Also useful is that you use USB-C and that the connector is in the neckband, so not in the way of the earplug, so you can just enjoy music while charging it. This and the long battery-life are in my eyes the best aspects of the bullets!


    If you are an audiophile and have the money to spare than you should go for something more pricey. But if you want to spend less than €250 but still want a pair of good sounding earphones, than you’ll have enough with €69 because the wireless bullets are the way to go, giving you great sound quality and comfort for that typical oneplus low price!

    continued in the next post..​
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    johneebee , Jul 4, 2018 :
    Part 2

    Hello reader, my old friend I've come to talk with you again
    Because oneplus’s vision is winning
    They launched the bullets now we are singing
    And the conclusion that was made with my brain
    Still remains
    I love the sound of the bullets wireless
    So I thought I'd make a little update after a week to see if any of my views would have changed, but to be honest I still agree very much with what I said in my previous post. They are still very handy, easely connect to most devices (especially the oneplus 6) and they sound very well!

    Ok, in my defence Osiris rhymed way better with wireless in my head and once I started making it, I couldn't just stop ... :p

    Minor things I do wish that would get updated/ improved:
    1) the possibility to adjust google now volume separately from media volume
    2) integration of magnetic control with more apps: the bullets wireless do pause music on most apps, but they don't always resume when you detach them
    3)I'd personally prefer thicker wires (at the ends, the part around the neck is thick enough). This might help with making them stronger and last longer and would make them tangle less and move around less while running.
    5) the microphone does sound ok but it sounds a little dull and has a bit of static
    4) I also do wish the buttons were a bit more tactile. This is really a minor inconvenience, but I hope Oneplus improves upon this in the next version

    Little new neat things I discovered
    1) any charging brick with fast charging can charge these bad boys up with fast charging, you don't need your dash charger

    2) Siri on Iphone works just as well or even better then google now with the bullets action button. So does the automatic magnetic pause function.
    3) Sound gets loud enough for every situation without any distortion while still being able to make them louder then you actually need

    Now oompa loompa doompety doo
    I've got a final thing to tell you
    Oompa loompa doompeda dee
    If you are wise you'll listen to me

    Now what do you get for only sixtynine euro
    A nice pair around your neck makin’ you cooler then subzero
    So should you try thé Bullets Wireless too?
    Yes for sure, if not for the price then for the value
    You'll enjoy thé no-o-otes

    Oompa loompa doompety da
    I hope you enjoyed this review, it's finished hurrah!
    And I hope you’ll enjoy thé Bullets Wireless too
    Like I, Oompa Loompa, Doompety do!


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    Ruby G. , Jul 5, 2018 :
    It's like you know all my favorite things XD the first video with the chubby puppy killed me haha. Great job @johneebee!

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    Venky61 , Jul 5, 2018 :
    Man... Its like we will always have something in common ;). My review has one of the songs you referred. But used in totally different context though. Its only half done till now, need to take out time from my office work and get it done before 10th July.
    By the way good job there with the perfectly placed review with some good tunes. :D Is that puppy yours?

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    johneebee , Jul 5, 2018 :
    Hehe thank you! Seriously happy I got you to laugh! :p

    Hehe thanks bro and by this time I'm not even surprised that we think alike :p looking forward to seeing what you did with your review!!! (sadly that isn't my puppy, I wish lol. And I know right it seriously takes some time to make these, but yea you better have yours done before the 15th, I wanna see it! :D)

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    Venky61 , Jul 6, 2018 :
    Yes will post in couple of days so that it can be helpful for the ones planning to buy on 10th July . :)

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    johneebee , Jul 6, 2018 :
    oh ye good point :p

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    CrownedSusanoo , Jul 28, 2018 :
    Excellent review my man. Excellent. The first video definitely got me laughing and the picture with the baby giraffe. Lol nicely done man. Nicely done.

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    johneebee , Aug 1, 2018 :
    OMG I didn't think about that one it's been soooo long since I heard them, thank you for the nostalgia!!! :p

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