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  1. Shrish.vvy
    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2017

    Shrish.vvy , Nov 21, 2017 :
    can we expect some OnePlus 5 features like redesigned lift up display and that iconic never settle widget will come to OnePlus 5 before the Android o beta update?

  2. sethisidd
    Jelly Bean Nov 21, 2017

    sethisidd , Nov 21, 2017 :
    - Will using facelock feature a lot to unlock phone battery hungry if used frequently?

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  3. Nxss4
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

    Nxss4 , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Please Carl, treble is important to many, please give us an answer :)

  4. gamedude38
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2017

    gamedude38 , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Hello OnePlus,

    I have a few questions.

    1. Have you made any changes to your replacement/warranty policy, and how would you improve it in the future?

    2. Will there be a resurgence in budget phones around the 200/300 price range?

    3. Why aren't there external memory options for the OP5 and OP5T?

    Thank you for reading.

  5. ajembucika
    Eclair Nov 21, 2017

    ajembucika , Nov 21, 2017 :
    OnePlus Team. I run a OnePlus Slovenia help page etc.. And I just can't get a solid contact from the team..
    + That I'm a student and still didnt get the mail back from the company that takes care of ID's so I could use a 10% off.. Bunch of questions.

  6. G_Samridh_Shastry_cStv
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2017

    G_Samridh_Shastry_cStv , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Hey Carl and team,

    Great work on the release of the Oneplus 5T, I've been itching to get it since it launched. The only thing that's stopping me are rumours of a Star Wars edition that is supposed to release for the promotion of the Last Jedi next month. Care to comment on those news articles? If they are true, can we expect it to be announced within the next few weeks? As I said, I'm holding out on buying it just to confirm those rumours.

    Thank you for your time!

  7. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Nov 21, 2017

    Dunnow , Nov 21, 2017 :
    explain further please.

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  8. Buridoof
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2017

    Buridoof , Nov 21, 2017 :
    @Kale W. I am having a really hard time trying to get my student discount to work on my purchase. I have a hunch that it expired but I cannot even get confirmation of that through customer support chat. I asked it be extended and your rep asked for a screenshot of my studentbeans verification email, which I do not have. Don't be mistaken, though, the account is verified and connected to my OnePlus account. Regardless they were completely unable to help me. I contacted studentbeans support previously, asking for my verification email to be resent, but they insisted that OnePlus would just extend the discount themselves.

    I'm really sad because at this rate I won't be able to purchase a 5T before it sells out. I'm desperate for help because it shouldn't be this difficult to verify my eligibility.

  9. hrajpal96
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

    hrajpal96 , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Why aren't features like Face Unlock planned for a release on the OnePlus 5 since both 5T and 5 share the same front camera sensor plus some of the new features should be made available to a phone which is merely 5 months old.
    @Gary C.

  10. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 21, 2017

    meatandy , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Won't the 5 case cover the fingerprint sensor on the 5T? I guess you could always cutout a hole.:p

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    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

  12. sekoHarry
    Gingerbread Nov 21, 2017

    sekoHarry , Nov 21, 2017 :
    I can answer one of these

    Open Beta for 3/3t will go on till the team feels theres not much to implement in it
    OnePlus 5/5t will have their open beta start soon in December (as addressed in op5t launch event)

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  13. Notch_1608
    Honeycomb Nov 21, 2017

    Notch_1608 , Nov 21, 2017 :
    They already answered, and apparently Oreo's marquee feature isn't even going to be implemented in their latest flagships.
    Good going! :(

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  14. Sirrawl
    Donut Nov 21, 2017

    Sirrawl , Nov 21, 2017 :
    they already said no look through the forum

  15. _DEDSEC_
    Jelly Bean Nov 21, 2017

    _DEDSEC_ , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Thanks, I think I will stick with my 3, I don't have any features in 5T to "buy it" but Trade on the other hand, does encourage me to invest in your company ;)

  16. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Nov 21, 2017

    Stickied Post
    Adam Krisko , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Eventually we will sync the builds like we did with the 3/3T

  17. Pramathesh1234567890
    Cupcake Nov 21, 2017

  18. Conchia
    Jelly Bean Nov 21, 2017

    Conchia , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Hi Team,

    will we see Oneplus 5T Pprotective cases in Roswood and Ebony, and if yes when?

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  19. kingkw
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017

    kingkw , Nov 21, 2017 :
    Its not mandatory in the US so its nice to have that here?

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  20. Krishanu Bordoloi
    Froyo Nov 21, 2017